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    25 Times '90s Teen Heartthrobs Photos Failed

    Where would we be without photos of JTT awkwardly holding cute animals?

    1. The NSNYC photo shoot that was very magical.

    2. When Vincent Kartheiser decided to channel his inner angsty goth girl.

    3. This picture of General Hospital star R.J. Williams mid-stream.

    4. When Leo DiCaprio dramatically drank a soda for the camera.

    5. When Thomas Ian Nicholas awkwardly posed with his track ribbons — well, at least I hope they're his ribbons.

    6. This photo of Aaron Carter being upstaged by Beanie Babies.

    7. When Urkel was named a "Dream Guy."

    8. The time they made JTT pose with a puppy (in matching sweaters)...

    9. ...with a fawn...

    10. ...and with Pinocchio.

    11. This photo of Devon Sawa in a not-at-all-uncomfortable position.

    12. When 3 Ninjas star Max Elliot Slade literally pulled his dog's head up.

    13. Will Friedle and Rider Strong's "boy meets globe" photo shoot.

    14. When Rider Strong and Danielle Fishel tried to be badasses.

    15. WTF?

    16. When Scott Wells posed in a very Lolita-esque photo shoot. Those SHORTS?!

    17. The time Nick Carter tried to pull this off.

    18. The time Take That tried to be tough.

    19. When an editor literally looked for the worst photo of Ben Affleck to run.

    20. The time Jason Priestley couldn't keep his pants up.

    21. When singer Scott Moffatt paid homage to the glamour shot.

    22. When singer Jeremy Jordan used the classic hand-under-chin pose.

    23. Everything that is going on in this picture of Immature.

    24. When Hanson was OVER IT.

    25. When they ran this photo of Mark-Paul Gosselaar.