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25 Beautifully Redesigned Classic Book Covers

These wonderfully designed covers may entice you to want to pick up one of these literary classics. Artwork comes courtesy of Recovering the Classics.

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1. The Scarlet Letter

Artwork by MrFurious

2. Anna Karenina

Artwork by Victoria Fernandez

3. Journey to the Center of the Earth

Artwork by J.R.J. Sweeney

4. A Tale of Two Cities

Artwork by Roberlan Borges

5. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Artwork by MrFurious

6. This Side of Paradise

Artwork by Sawsan

7. Dracula

Artwork by MrFurious

8. Call of the Wild

Artwork by E Michelle Peterson

9. The War of the Worlds

Artwork by Luis Prado

10. Through the Looking-Glass

Artwork by Jacqueline Li

11. The Collected Tales of Edgar Allan Poe

Artwork by Adam S Doyle

12. Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Artwork by Maelle Doliveux

13. Grimm's Fairy Tales

Artwork by Kathryn Delaney

14. The Time Machine

Artwork by Brixton Doyle

15. The Jungle

Artwork by Wade Greenberg

16. Moby-Dick

Artwork by Luis Prado

17. The Brothers Karamazov

Artwork by Roberlan Borges

18. Heart of Darkness

Artwork by Louise Norman

19. The Picture of Dorian Gray

Artwork by Maelle Doliveux

20. Frankenstein

Artwork by Luis Prado

21. The Metamorphosis

Artwork by Ninamasina

22. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Artwork by Maria Papaefstathiou

23. War and Peace

Artwork by Roberlan Borges

24. The Count of Monte Cristo

Artwork by Station

25. Pride and Prejudice

Artwork by Alexis Lampley

(via Design Taxi)

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