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23 Things That Made '80s Kids Crap In Their Pants

Let's be honest, they probably still give you nightmares.

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1. When Judge Doom kills the poor little shoe in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

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Who Framed Roger Rabbit had its share of scary moments (hello Judge Doom reveal scene), but the dip scene was just plain cruel, cold, and shocking.


3. The illustrations in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

Yes, the stories were creepy too, especially when reading them as a kid, but they were nothing compared to the pencil drawings that brought the stories to life. The illustration of the decomposing corpse (on the right) in "The Haunted House" was enough to make us never want to open the book again.

4. Large Marge in Pee-wee's Big Adventure.

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A really dark turn in an otherwise light movie. The whole scene is full of edge-of-your seat eeriness, until you get the big payoff that you didn't want or ask for.

5. Reverend Kane in Poltergeist II: The Other Side.

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While this wasn't a kids movie, it was definitely something you would accidentally catch on a Saturday afternoon on HBO and get drawn into. Of course, the scene that sticks out the most in many an '80s kid's mind is when Kane shows up at the Freeling's family home and yells, "Let me in!" It was completely chilling because it felt like something that could totally happen to you.

6. The Great Owl in The Secret of NIMH.

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If you have a fear of owls, you might be able to trace it back to this scene in The Secret of NIMH, where he literally appears like cross between a spider and a bird ready to eat his prey.

7. Kate's monologue in Gremlins on why she doesn't celebrate Christmas.

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This was traumatizing for two reasons: First and foremost, Kate's story of discovering the decomposing dead body of her father dressed up like Santa in the chimney is just horrific. And second, Kate confirmed to kids everywhere that Santa Claus does NOT exist.


10. ABC Weekend Specials' "The Red Room Riddle."

This cautionary tale was straight to the point: Don't go into a creepy old house, 'cause it's haunted by the ghost of a dead boy and his dog, and the scary Red Room — not to be confused with the Red Room in Fifty Shades — that liked to trap kids. Oh, this also aired right after Saturday morning cartoons.

12. The Supreme Leader in Captain EO.

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As if the evil alien spider queen wasn't scary enough, they also made this Disney attraction in 3D to make sure you felt like she was going to reach out and snatch you with her claws.


13. Every scene with Beetlejuice.

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Somehow Beetlejuice managed to be both an appealing character and also a grotesque, scary monster you were sure lived under your bed. Actually, he was more the latter to be honest.


18. Boy in Little Monsters.

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First of all, Maurice was scary enough and then they go ahead and introduce the character of Boy, who rules the monster world, to really up the "I can't watch this anymore" factor. Reminder: This was a kids movie!!!

19. Mr. Boogedy in Mr. Boogedy.

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The made-for-TV movie aired as part of The Disney Sunday Movie anthology, and Mr. Boogedy was as scary a monster as any seen in a real horror movie.

20. Chucky from Child's Play.

So you might not have seen the movie, but you probably caught glimpses of Chucky from commercials or trailers, which was enough to make you realize that you were maybe living with the Chucky doll already (looking at you, My Buddy).

22. The two-part "The Perils of Punky” Punky Brewster Halloween episode.

Punky Brewster had its share of dark episodes (remember when Cherie locked herself in the fridge?), but nothing was darker than the episode where Punky gets lost while camping and begins a trippy dream. She not only gets attacked by an evil spirit and a giant spider, but also sees her friends and family die.

23. The theme song to Unsolved Mysteries.

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Just hearing this now would probably make you want to get under the covers.