The 11 Most Traumatizing Moments From “Return To Oz”

The movie that traumatized ‘80s kids everywhere.

In 1985, Disney released an unofficial live-action sequel to the 1939 MGM film The Wizard of Oz.

Starring Fairuza Balk as Dorothy, the movie was a much darker and creepier interpretation than its 1939 predecessor. The movie’s overall dark tone led to confusion among parents who brought their kids to the theatres expecting to see a lighthearted musical.

In reality, Return to Oz was much more faithful to the Oz books.

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Now let’s relive the horror:

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1. A worried Aunt Em takes Dorothy to a creepy insane asylum to get her treated for what she assumes is made-up memories about Oz.

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2. Dorothy is strapped down in a stretcher and taken to receive electroshock therapy.

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3. Dorothy almost drowns in a river during a storm in her attempt to escape the asylum.

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4. Creepy rocks act as spies for the new King of Oz, the Nome King. They watch and report Dorothy’s every move.

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5. A dilapidated Emerald City is now protected by guards called Wheelers.

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6. A headless witch named Mombi now rules over the Emerald city.

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7. Dorothy befriend’s the creepy Jack Pumpkinhead, who asks her if he can call her mom.

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8. In the most terrifying scene, Dorothy accidentally wakes up a sleeping Mombi while trying to retrieve a magical powder.

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9. The headless Mombi tries to go after Dorothy!

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10. While all the different heads in Mombi’s collection scream around her.

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11. Dorothy comes face-to-face with a giant angry Nome King who tries to eat Jack Pumpkinhead.

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Sweet dreams!

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