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    23 People Who Got Defeated By Autocorrect

    What did we laugh at before autocorrect?

    1. Nothing beats those all natural home remedies:

    2. Birthday ideas from Hannibal Lecter:

    3. Sometimes you just have one thing on the brain:

    4. Isn't that what AXE body spray normally smells like?

    5. Let's be honest, it is better than the chunky kind:

    6. Hey, don't knock it till you try it:

    7. I think Chipotle should really consider this as its new name:

    8. They really are making kids grow up so fast these days:

    9. :-(

    10. Sounds like a mouthful:

    11. Is that a good kind of sore?

    12. That's one way to help make those payments:

    13. Sounds like a very busy day:

    14. That's an interesting way to pass the time:

    15. Sometimes you got work hard for what you want:

    16. Feel the burn:

    17. Sounds like a fun night!

    18. Don't you hate it when this happens?

    19. I'm pretty sure that was the theme song for the porn parody:

    20. Really working for that promotion:

    21. That's one way to quench your ~thirst~:

    22. A very different way to start the day:

    23. Somehow the autocorrect fail was the least cringeworthy part of this text:


    Also, if your NuvaRing is on the floor, it probably isn't going to do its job!

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