If You Don't Know These 50 "Facts," Then I'm Sorry, You Were Raised Wrong

    If Gwen Stefani didn't teach you to spell "bananas" you're lying.

    1. That the only reason to watch My Super Sweet 16 was for the messiness:

    My Super Sweet 16 opening credits

    2. And that you loved to watch whenever Hildi Santo-Tomas was one of the interior designers on Trading Spaces 'cause you knew it would be a very messy episode:

    A publicity photo of Hildi Santo-Tomas smiling at the camera

    3. That there will never be a more iconic duo than Paris and Nicole:

    Photo of Paris Hilton and Nicole both wearing pink dresses in 2004

    4. And that The Simple Life was one of the best and most quotable reality shows of the '00s:

    Paris and Nicole in the midwest

    5. That if you owned an iPod, you really needed to put thought into the case you bought for it, 'cause nothing was worse than having a case that covered the click-wheel:

    iPod with a simple case

    6. And nothing was more challenging than trying to plug in an old-school iPod charger behind a piece of furniture:

    an arrow pointing to the big block charger

    7. That the iPod radio transmitters were the worst things ever, but nobody wanted to admit it:

    an iPod connected to a radio transmitter

    8. And how no speaker will ever be as cool as the iDog:

    an iDog

    9. That whether you shopped there or not, no store had a better exterior design than Hollister:

    exterior of Hollister with mannequins outside

    10. That no trip to the mall was complete without going to Sharper Image and sitting on the massage chairs:

    two shoppers sitting in massage chairs

    11. That no matter what anybody said, Jamba Juice was "healthy":

    the Jambo Juice sign on a brick wall

    12. That it was a real struggle to get a perfect selfie with a flip phone — and that everyone had one friend who would be the one to take it 'cause they had it down to an art form:

    13. That nothing annoyed you more than the Jamster commercial that featured the horrible singing rabbit...

    cartoon bunny hopping on screen holding a carrot

    14. ...and the Shirley Temple DVD collection commercial that played every five minutes on Cartoon Network:

    A screen grab of the commercial with Shirley Temple holding a dancer's hand and "Little Miss Broadway" written over her

    15. That you had many, many digital pictures where you did questionable photoshop jobs fixing "red eye" (usually it resulted in just two giant black dots instead of pupils):

    close up of the eyes with huge black dots as the pupils

    16. That there was nothing you wanted more than a VCR and DVD TV combo in your room...

    A Toshiba DVD and VCR combo TV  displaying hot air balloons on the screen

    17. ...and an iHome player (with a remote, of course):

    the iHome player with a remote and iPod connected

    18. That if you couldn't figure out what to watch you could always just watch the TV Guide channel:

    Screenshot of TV Guide Channel from 2002

    19. That you learned so much about rich people things — like what La Mer Crème de la Mer was — by watching VH1's The Fabulous Life:

    Logo of The Fabulous Life of Jennifer Lopez episode

    20. That you learned more from VH1's I Love the '80s and I Love the '90s than you ever did from any history class:

    I love the '80s logo set on orange background

    21. That you can't hear a Now That's What I Call Music!...

    View this video on YouTube

    Laron DSS/ youtube.com

    22. ...or the Fired Up! commercial without singing and dancing along:

    Only the real ones will remember this iconic infomercial from our childhood 😂 #firedup #90sbaby #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow

    23. That before Wordle, everybody would brag about how well they did on Sudoku puzzles:

    someone filling out a Sudoku puzzle in the newspaper

    24. That these were both the coolest and worst pencils ever (they broke so easily!):

    25. That you learned to spell "bananas" because of Gwen Stefani:

    26. That — even though it made you carsick and you had to strain your eyes to watch it — nothing felt cooler than watching a DVD in the car:

    TV fold down screen between passenger and driver in car

    27. Or watching a movie on a portable DVD player:

    a portable DVD player

    28. That you would hit the FastPlay button so quickly whenever you watched a Disney DVD:

    the menu screen with the FastPlay option

    29. That you can't hear Avril Lavigne's "Sk8er Boi"...

    30. ..."Hey Ya!" by OutKast...

    31. ...or Jimmy Eat World's "The Middle" without screaming out the lyrics:

    32. That this wasn't just a design aesthetic, but a whole personality:

    Pink Hello Kitty CD player

    33. And that this wasn't just a T-shirt, but a whole personality:

    a model wearing a Bebe shirt

    34. That the best things about Borders were the gifts and magazines sections:

    Woman touching frames on a display inside Borders

    35. And that you were also always tempted to buy an over-priced CD from Borders:

    shelves with CDs on it

    36. That Malcolm In the Middle had the best intro of any TV show in the 2000s:

    View this video on YouTube

    magermunson/ Fox/ youtube.com

    37. That Mariah Carey's episode of Cribs is one of the most iconic TV episodes of all time:

    Mariah Carey wearing a towel sitting in a tub

    38. And that Charity falling off the bus on MTV's Next is one of the most iconic moments in the history of reality TV:

    Girl falling off steps of a bus

    39. That there was nothing worse than when you were taking photos somewhere and your camera ran out of memory — making you either have to stop taking pictures or delete old ones:

    digital camera from canon

    40. That these tasted soooo good that it was worth destroying the inside of your mouth for them:

    The worst move Altoids did was get rid of Tangerine Sours

    41. That a brand-new stack of blank CDs felt like endless possibilities:

    Stack CD discs in box isolated

    42. That there was nothing scarier than the first time you downloaded an MP3 from LimeWire, because you thought the FBI was going to break down your door:

    I remember the first illegal download I did I was scared lol #limewire #rip #bunk

    43. And that there was no bigger feeling of triumph than finding a real and good quality MP3 of a new song you wanted on LimeWire:

    A image of the LimeWire page downloading songs

    44. That nothing could get people onto the dance floor quicker than hearing "Peace up, A-Town..." or

    45. ..."Hot in, so hot in herre!":

    46. That you had to watch Undressed...

    A screenshot for the intro to MTV's Undressed which features a hole in the between un and dressed with a clip of two people undressing in it

    47. ...and Talk Sex with Sue Johanson with one finger on the remote control, in case your parents walked in:

    Sue Johanson sitting a red desk with her hands folded

    48. That there was nothing more satisfying than answering your flip phone in a dramatic manner:

    49. That nine times out of 10 if you fell asleep with the TV on you'd be awakend at like 3 a.m. by a loud Girls Gone Wild commercial:

    a woman pointing at Girls Gone Wild DVDs

    50. And lastly, that the "quik drop" box at Blockbuster Video stores, was truly the last-minute Hail Mary to help you or your parents avoid getting a late charge:

    the drop box on the corner outside