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18 Things You Once Said That Would Make No Sense To Today's Kids

They don't even put toys in cereal boxes anymore!

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1. "No, you can't use my phone 'cause you'll waste my 'minutes'."

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Yup, in the pre-texting days of cellphones, minute plans were pricey and of course going over your minutes plans would get you in deep trouble with your parents.


11. "More cowbell!"


It's easy to forget just how big this SNL catchphrase from 2000 was -- but if you were around back then, you probably heard someone say it or, maybe, you're guilty of saying it yourself. And just in case you didn't know, it even has its own Wiki page.


13. "I don't have anymore hours left on our AOL account."


Oh to look back on the early days of dial-up, when AOL sold its subscription packages by monthly HOURLY plans. The only way to get unlimited dial-up was to pay the big bucks.

18. "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

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You probably said this while imitating Bill Clinton's voice. How far removed are we from this today? Well someone turning 15 years old this year was born two years after Clinton uttered these infamous words. =(