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18 Things You Once Said That Would Make No Sense To Today's Kids

They don't even put toys in cereal boxes anymore!

1. "No, you can't use my phone 'cause you'll waste my 'minutes'."

2. "I'm 'gettin' jiggy wit it.'"

3. "I'm totally getting 12 CDs for a penny."

It was a tough choice selecting which albums you really wanted to get and then eventually not pay for. For the record Columbia House is still around, but only sells DVDs, while BMG closed down in 2009.

4. "I don't even like this cereal, I only bought it because of the toy."

Sadly kids today no longer have the anticipation of eating enough of the cereal to finally get to the toy inside the box.

5. "Just chirp me."

6. "Oh my god, this black light test is making me anxious."

7. "Yup, I did it all for the nookie."

8. "Nothing is more stressful than getting the label just perfect on my mix CD."

9. "Lets make it a Blockbuster night!"

10. "Star 69 them!"

11. "More cowbell!"

12. "This stupid thing is supposed to have anti-skip technology."

13. "I don't have anymore hours left on our AOL account."

14. "Be kind and rewind."

15. "Let me adjust the tracking on this video."

16. "Just call 1-800-Collect."

The cheapest way to call your parents, when you didn't have change for the pay phone.

17. "Yeah, he's super metrosexual."

18. "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."

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You probably said this while imitating Bill Clinton's voice. How far removed are we from this today? Well someone turning 15 years old this year was born two years after Clinton uttered these infamous words. =(