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    18 Terrifying Easter Bunnies That Will Make You Say "NOPE"

    Halloween isn't the only holiday full of creepy costumes.

    1. Umm...was this creepy rabbit an extra in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland?

    2. Wow, this bunny has some serious anger issues 👿:

    3. How much Adderall did this rabbit take before coming to work?!

    4. YIKES! I think this is the monster the little girl saw in The Amityville Horror!!!

    5. This is something straight out of an acid trip:

    6. Totally creepy face aside, why the hell does it have so much hair growing out of its ears?!

    7. Why does this bunny have an "I am going to slice you next, kid" sinister look on his face 😨?

    8. Like WTF? NOPE:

    9. NOPE. NOPE. NOPE 😱:


    10. Seriously, this baby is like, "Get me the fuck away from this thing!"

    11. This is for sure an Easter Bunny as seen through the eyes of David Lynch:

    12. I don't trust that smirk on this bunny's face:

    13. What in Furby meets Stitch is this supposed to be?!

    14. OMFG, THOSE EYES!!! He is definitely stealing souls:

    15. Is it just me or is this is just a gimp mask covered in white faux fur?

    16. If you ever wondered what you get if you crossed Bugs Bunny with Frank from Donnie Darko, you've got your answer:

    17. This sick rabbit totally wants to join in:

    Win Mcnamee / Getty Images

    18. And finally, EVERY FUCKING THING going on in this nightmarish pic:


    Good luck not having this image haunt your dreams.