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    Posted on Dec 23, 2017

    18 Situations That Are Entirely Too Real For Retail Workers

    There is only so many times you can hear a customer say, "If it doesn't scan, it must be free."

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    1. When a customer destroys a section of the store you had just finished fixing:

    20th Century Fox

    No worries, I was planning on spending the next hour and half re-folding those jeans again.

    2. When you hear this joke...a 100 times a day:

    Twitter: @princessaly666

    Yeah, never heard that one before!

    3. When a customer takes 100 items into the dressing room and proceeds to leave a huge mess (without buying a single thing):

    Paramount Pictures

    Um, were you just bored and looking for something to do?!

    4. When your manager takes a customer's side (even though they're wrong):


    Thanks, [insert manger's name here]. You just made me look like an idiot for upholding the store policy.

    5. When a customer doesn't get their way and tells you that they're taking their business elsewhere:

    Great, do you need directions on how to get there?

    6. When you're off the clock and a customer tries to get you to help them:


    "Sorry, I am off the clock."

    7. When you're on break and all hell breaks loose:

    Twitter: @Jackie133Jackie

    If I was a better person I'd clock back in. But, I am not.

    8. When it's taking all of your willpower to keep cool:

    Twitter: @RetailJobLife

    I do not get paid enough for this!

    9. When a customer comes up to the register and proceeds to ignore you while they talk or text:


    By all means, ignore me. I am not a human being or anything.

    10. When a customer demands that you give them a discount on an item for very flimsy reasons:

    "Sorry, I can't give you a 75% discount because it was placed on the hanger incorrectly." —you

    11. When you're forced to take a return on a clearly used item that the customer insists has never been worn:


    Don't act like I can't see the yellow pit stains on this shirt.

    12. When you feel like you're going slowly insane from having to explain a simple store policy:

    Facebook: retailproblems

    "Yup, within 30 days with a receipt if you want a refund."

    13. When a customer tries to use an expired coupon or a discount that doesn't apply:

    Bravo TV

    "Yes, this coupon was 2009."

    14. When a customer begs you to open the door after you've closed and the registers have been balanced out:


    I am glad you know exactly the ONE thing you need to get, but come back tomorrow during business hours.

    15. When a customer insists you check the stockroom even though you know there isn't anything back there:

    **goes in the stockroom just to talk with coworkers on a break**

    16. When you're trying to be positive, but 20 minutes into your shift you're remind about every reason why you hate retail:

    Fox Television

    And I have seven and a half more hours to go!

    17. When you have to work with the ONE manager who is waaaay too perky and into the job:


    Hey [interest manger's name here], I know you're ride or die for this store, but, don't act like I wouldn't rather be anywhere else but here at 11:00 p.m. on a Friday night.

    18. And finally, when a customer tries to make small talk and asks you what it's like working there, and you must fight every urge in your body to not say your true thoughts:


    "Hahahaha, it's OK. We get a good discount." —you to the customer (while screaming internally)

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