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    17 Things All Late-'90s Teen Girls Did The Summer That'll Make You Say, "OMG, I Remember Doing That!"

    Were you a Sun-Ripened Raspberry girl? Or more Plumeria?

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    1. Putting these heavenly scents in the fridge so that you could spritz yourself on hot days:

    And your parents just kept taking them out and putting them back in the bathroom. *sigh*

    2. Binge-watching huge marathons of The Real World and Road Rules on MTV...


    3. ...and also watching all the weird AF shows that aired during MTV's Summer Beach House.


    Ahhh MTV Summer. The original binge-watch.

    4. Making collages from your old magazines out of boredom.

    Teen People
    Teen People

    All those pages of ads came in useful for once.

    5. Getting rashes around your neck from wearing your plastic tattoo choker in the heat.

    If you were lucky though, you'd have a sweaty rash in the shape of a cool choker.

    6. Putting Sun-In in your hair and having it turn burnt orange (and sadly, not golden blonde).

    And also green. And breaking off at the ends.

    7. Taking an old pair of (high-waisted) jeans and carefully cutting yourself a pair of Daisy Dukes. And, of course, then having your parents yell at you 'cause they were too short.

    "How is this different than a bathing suit though?"

    8. Wearing these Steven Madden platform shoes basically all summer long.

    They're back in stores, you know. (I'll wait.)

    9. Sponge painting your room 'cause you were bored.

    You were bored, a lot. Social media didn't exist yet.

    10. Getting a belly ring and having to hide it from your parents all summer long.

    Maybe you did this out of boredom too?

    11. Having your skin turn green from wearing a toe ring you picked up at Claire's.

    What do you mean it's not real silver?! (Remember when you ONLY wore silver?)

    12. Trying to beat the heat by putting your hair up with butterfly clips, that TBH, just made you look like you had bedhead.

    Sorry, true.

    13. Getting a hair wrap put in your hair during your family vacation.

    Or doing them for your friends by the pool to disastrous result.

    14. Sipping on this delicious beverages on hot days:

    And getting even more dehydrated in the process.

    15. Making your own summer mix tapes. Which usually included songs you taped off the radio and songs you recorded off CDs you borrowed from your friends.

    "I'm gonna call this one Seniors 4Eva Part II."

    16. Taking a ton of selfies with your friends and by yourself with the i-Zone camera.

    These were the original instant selfies.

    17. And finally, being elated when the fall Delia’s catalog finally arrived so you could begin picking out your back-to-school outfits (or at least to know what knock-off versions of things you should be looking for at the mall).

    Bonus points if you took this catalog to your hairstylist.

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