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    13 Awesome Celebrity #TBT Photos You Might Have Missed This Week

    Cardi B sharing another adorably sassy photo of herself kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

    1. Cardi B posted another meme-worthy photo of herself (alongside her little sis, Hennessy Carolina) from the late '90s.

    2. Mandy Moore posted this magazine cover from 2000.

    3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt took us back to his 3rd Rock from the Sun days.

    4. Penelope Cruz posted this photo of herself and Johnny Depp at the premiere of their 2001 film, Blow — where they met up with Marilyn Manson.

    5. Legendary rock photographer Mick Rock shared this photo he took of Queen in 1973.

    6. Britney Spears posted this gorgeous photo of herself taken by the late, great photographer Herb Ritts in 2001.

    7. Nicole Kidman was also remembering Herb Ritts and shared this photo he took of her in 1999.

    8. Susan Sarandon posted this cute photo of her and her daughter, Eva Amurri, in 1987.

    9. Sarah Michelle Gellar shared this photo of her and Kelly Ripa in the early '90s, during their All My Children days.

    10. In honor of her lifelong friend, Neil Diamond, receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Recording Academy, Barbra Streisand posted this photo of the two of them at the Oscars in 1977.

    11. Natalie Portman shared this photo of herself at the premiere for her 1996 film, Beautiful Girls.

    12. Tyra Banks posted this photo from her CLASSIC TV movie, Life-Size, in anticipation of the upcoming sequel.

    #TBT! You don’t have much longer to wait for the return of Eve and #LifeSize2! This holiday season on @FreeformTV!

    13. And finally, Miss Piggy was in summer mood with her glam '70s pic.