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    12 Celebrity #TBT Photos You Might Not Have Seen This Week

    An oh-so-cute photo of Richard Madden on his first day of school kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

    1. Richard Madden shared this adorable photo of himself on his first day of school in the early '90s:

    2. Dolly Parton posted this photo of herself in the late '60s (?), enjoying some time with a few feathered friends:

    3. John Stamos shared this promotional photo of himself and the rest of the Full House cast in honor of the iconic show's 32nd anniversary:

    4. Amanda Seyfried posted this photo of herself from the early '90s, back when she rocked a fanny pack:

    5. Shania Twain shared these two photos of herself — one as a baby and the other from elementary school:

    6. Monét X Change posted this fierce photo of herself from 2016:

    7. Salma Hayek shared this photo of herself taken for the French publication, Numero Magazine, in 2017:

    8. Eva Mendes posted this GIF of herself and Will Ferrell taken from their 2010 film, The Other Guys:

    9. Jamie Lynn Spears shared this photo of herself with Dakota and Elle Fanning on the orange carpet of the 2007 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards:

    #TBT ft. the extremely kind, talented, and beautiful Fanning sisters👯‍♀️

    10. Michelle Obama spoke about the Obama Foundation while sharing this photo of herself and her brother, Craig Robinson, in the late '60s:

    11. Kim Kardashian posted this photo of herself going to visit Kourtney at the University of Arizona in 1999:

    12. And finally, in honor of the news that the original Jurassic Park cast will be reprising their roles for Jurassic World 3, Jeff Goldblum posted this promotional photo of himself, Laura Dern, and Sam Neill taken in 1993: