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11 Riveting Teen People Covers That Immortalized 1999

A look back to 15 years ago when all we cared about were frosted tips and crop tops.

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4. April 1999: Lauryn Hill opened up about fame, all while rocking a ribbed turtleneck, an essential late-'90s fashion staple.

5. May 1999: Drew Barrymore brought assistant manager at the Gap realness to her cover shoot.


Plus they totally teased us with a very Cosmo article title, "Sex on the Job", but it was about sexual harassment.

11. December 1999/January 2000: Christina prepared us for the year 2000, by looking like she was wearing 1960s wallpaper.


Plus, we got "up close and very personal" with LFO and it was probably the last time we ever cared to.

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