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    10 Toy Lines Based On ’90s Kids TV Shows That You Might Not Know Existed

    BRB, eBaying all of these toys right now.

    1. Saved by the Bell

    Via Flickr: eddollboy

    The classic Saturday morning TV show also inspired a line of dolls produced by Tiger Toys in 1992.

    I assume the Jessie doll came with caffeine pills as her accessory.

    2. Darkwing Duck


    Released by Playmates in 1991, the Darkwing Duck toy line never took off, despite the popularity of the cartoon.

    3. Dinosaurs


    Everybody’s favorite anthropomorphic dinosaur family had a short-lived toy line that was released by Hasbro in 1993.

    4. Full House

    The TGIF staple was given its own Tiger produced toy line in 1993. Also, no Kimmy Gibbler doll?! WTF?

    5. Goosebumps

    The popular TV series — based, of course, on R. L. Stine's iconic book series — spun off a toy line that launched in 1996.

    6. Blossom

    Tyco released these dolls, based on the popular TV series, in 1993 and of course they included a Joey Russo (aka Joey Lawrence) doll — much to the delight of preteen girls everywhere.

    7. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

    This 1991 toy line, created by Mattel, look suspiciously like Madballs.

    8. Clueless (TV series)

    This 1996 toy line, produced by Mattel, included not only a wide range of clothes (of course) and accessories, but also Cher’s iconic white Jeep.

    9. TaleSpin

    The classic Disney Afternoon series had a short-lived line (produced by Playmates) in 1990.

    10. Tales from the Cryptkeeper

    This macabre toy line was released in 1994, shortly before the series it was based on was canceled.

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