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    27 Moments "How I Met Your Mother" Fans Will Never Forget

    "I would have stolen you a whole orchestra." —Ted Mosby

    We asked followers of the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite How I Met Your Mother moment. Here are the moments we miss the most.

    1. When Barney proposed to Robin.

    The final page of The Playbook.


    2. The blue French horn.

    3. When the mother played "La Vie En Rose" as Ted was listening from his balcony.

    —Chanel Griggs, Facebook

    4. When Marshall lost his father.

    As revealed on Inside the Actors Studio, Jason Segel only knew the last word of dialogue in the scene, which was 'it,' so the moment was filled with raw emotion.

    —Steve Davy, Facebook

    5. When Lily first met the mother.

    —Becky Martin, Facebook

    6. The "Slap Bet."

    —Caitlin Fuller, Facebook

    7. The two-minute date with Stella.

    —Annie Giman, Facebook

    8. The saga of "The Cockamouse."

    —Steve Davy, Facebook

    9. When we met Robin Sparkles.

    —Laura Katherine Smith, Facebook

    10. And when Robin Sparkles became the edgy, Robin Daggers.

    —Matty Cormier, Facebook

    11. When Barney flew to San Francisco to bring Lily back to Marshall.

    —Isabella Pina, Facebook

    12. All of Ted and Robin's faux military salutes.

    13. When Ted was beat up by Missy the goat.

    —Emily Aust, Facebook

    14. The search for the best burger in New York.

    15. Barney's song, "Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit."

    —Joy Liu, Facebook

    16. When we first heard, "Nothing good happens after 2 a.m."

    —Courtney Danielle, Facebook

    17. When Barney loses a bet and is forced to wear "the ducky tie" for a year.

    —Kelsey Abourezk, Facebook

    18. When Ted dreamed of having just a few more moments with the love of his life.

    —Beth Tomaszewski, Facebook

    19. "The Naked Man."

    —Micaela Campos, Facebook

    20. All of the "interventions."

    –Donna Herring, Facebook

    21. When Barney and Robin competed to see who could get away with touching the most stuff at the museum.

    And immediately captured our hearts.

    —Rebecca Landucci, Facebook

    22. When Ted put on a light show for Robin after she found out she couldn't have kids.

    —Dee Lloyd, Facebook

    23. When Barney realized he didn't need to find his father because Loretta was already one heck of a mom.

    24. Ted's proposal at the lighthouse.

    And when Tracy just keeps saying yes before Ted can even finish popping the question.

    —Stephanie Combs, Facebook

    25. When Barney met his daughter, and found someone to love more than himself.

    —Katherine Leigh Lyles, Facebook

    26. When Lily and Marshall made Marvin’s middle name “Wait for it..." for Barney.

    Truly legendary.


    27. And when Ted FINALLY MET THE MOTHER.

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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