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Have You Ever Wanted To Make Your Own BuzzFeed Quiz? Here's How!

It's super fun and easy! Check out our quiz guide here.

Have you ever gone down an endless rabbit hole of BuzzFeed quizzes and thought, Wait, I could totally make one of these? Well, guess what, you CAN!

That’s right, anyone can make quizzes in BuzzFeed Community! Making your own BuzzFeed quiz is super fun, and it can be about whatever you want, no matter how weird or random! Whether you're interested in making a classic personality quiz, testing out people's knowledge with a trivia quiz, creating a poll, or taking on a checklist, the options are endless!

You'll have access to the easy-to-use quiz-making technology that our BuzzFeed writers use to make their quizzes — so it's super simple to build your very first quiz! And best yet: If our Community editors like your quiz and think it could do well on the site, you could even get it promoted on the BuzzFeed homepage and our social media channels!

Sign up for an account and get started here!