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    Everything You Need To Know To Make A BuzzFeed Quiz

    We're about to make all of your quiz-making dreams come true.

    Hi there! So, you've signed up for a BuzzFeed account and you've got a golden idea for a BuzzFeed quiz. How do you make it a reality? We'll show you how!*

    *Please note, if your post or quiz is selected to get featured across BuzzFeed's network, our editors may make a few edits to it to reflect the BuzzFeed style and tone! This includes edits to some copy and images.

    Joanna Kosinska / Unsplash / Anna Kopsky

    🚨This guide will show you how to make a Personality Quiz on BuzzFeed — our most popular type of quiz! 🚨

    To learn how to make other types of quizzes or for other advice on making posts, make sure to check out our other handy guides:

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    Before we start, please remember to take a look at our Community Rules and Guidelines.


    Unfortunately, violating any of our guidelines could result in your quiz or account being deleted without warning!

    OK, let's do this.

    RCA Records

    1. To start your quiz, log in to BuzzFeed.

    2. Next, create your quiz by using the personality quiz builder in the BuzzFeed CMS (aka "Content Management System").

    3. There are two ways to get to the quiz builder. You can either head to this link to immediately open it, which'll look like this...


    4. ...*or* pop on over to, and in your first subbuzz, hover over the "Quiz" button and select "Personality":

    BuzzFeed/Anna Kopsky

    Both will lead you to the Personality Quiz builder. Just depends on your preference on how to get there!

    5. You will begin your quiz by entering your results. Yes: results first, *then* questions!


    6. Once you add your result, keep hitting the blue "add another result" button until all of your results have been entered into the CMS (aka "Content Management System").

    ⭐️ Why do we start with results? ⭐️

    This makes it easy to create answers that fit your results, instead of trying to do it the other way around!

    7. Once you've added all of your results, then you can go ahead and begin adding questions. You can choose to enter text only for your questions, like this...


    Note at the bottom of each question that you can direct an answer toward a specific result. The choices people make throughout your quiz will lead them toward a specific result, like you're there holding their hand along the way, to teach them something glorious about their personality at the end.

    ...or you can upload images straight from your draft, like this:

    BuzzFeed/Marika Vinkmann/Mathieu Cheze/Unsplash

    Hot tip: If you search for images in your CMS and select one of the provided pictures, the CMS will autofill your photo sourcing. Easy peasy.

    FAQ: How many questions should I add to my quiz?

    It's really up to you! We recommend 5–8 questions. Get creative with them, too! Your quiz is basically art.

    8. Once you've finished adding all of your questions, hit "get ready for publishing" at the bottom of the quiz builder:


    9. Then you're done with the bulk of your quiz, and you'll want to make it stand out. You can do so by writing creative headlines and adding thumbnails.

    Joanna Kosinska / Unsplash / Anna Kopsky

    10. Start with a headline and caption. Don't be afraid to get creative and/or strangely specific with both:

    BuzzFeed/Anna Kopsky

    Hot tip: Take a look at the current top-trending BuzzFeed posts for inspiration on how to frame your post in a BuzzFeed-y way!

    11. Then, move on to your thumbnails, which need to be at least 625x415 pixels. You can either select one from your post (if the image is large enough), or upload one from your computer:


    12. After uploading your thumbnails, crop them and hit "save."


    13. Finally, if you'd like to add an optional Community Tag, go for it! Simply click on the drop-down box under "Community Tags" on the right-hand side of your draft. If your post is related to any of these topics, click on it before publishing.*


    *Note that not selecting one of these tags doesn't mean it won't be considered for a feature! This is just an extra little option that'll help us find your post if we're specifically looking at posts with certain themes.

    14. Finally, hit "publish now" in the upper right-hand corner, and a Community Editor will see your post! All posts that are published will be considered for promotion to the BuzzFeed homepage and/or our social media!

    And that's it! Pretty easy, right?


    QUESTIONS? Feel free to email and we'll help you out!

    We can't wait to see what kinds of weird, fun, and interesting quizzes you create. Don't forget to check out our other guides at the top of this page to try your hand at different types of quizzes!