People Are Very Confused About Kelly Slater’s Gene Wilder Tribute

    The world champion surfer chose a ... unique way to pay his respects.

    Kelly Slater, superhuman surfing champion of the world a billion times over, is receiving a confused response to his bizarre tribute to the late Gene Wilder. Slater published the tribute, which features his own face superimposed over the Willy Wonka-dressed Wilder, to his Instagram.

    Slater completes his tribute with a small dedication, thanking Wilder for "broadening our imaginations as kids", and saying his mother used to call him Willy. It is ... a strange tribute to say the least.

    The image prompted a mixed reception, with some appreciating Slater's larrikinism. Others saw the post as disrespectful to the memory of Wilder.

    But most were just confused as to why Slater chose this image as his dedication to the late Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory star.

    i honestly cannot stop laughing at kelly slater's gene wilder tribute, why did he do this

    Slater did end up commenting on the photo later in the day to say he did not mean any disrespect.