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The AFL Said Eddie McGuire's Apology Was "Legitimate And Acceptable" And People Are Pissed

"Words and no action are meaningless."

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Hundreds of people have rallied on Twitter to tell the AFL its handling of Collingwood president Eddie McGuire's most recent offensive comment is simply not good enough.

Dear @AFL This woman, and plenty of other women do not find these apologies appropriate or sufficient. We want consequences. #AFLPresser

Last Monday, in a segment on Triple M radio with fellow AFL club president James Brayshaw and ex-AFL coach Danny Frawley, McGuire joked about drowning Fairfax journalist Caroline Wilson.

The AFL held a press conference on Monday, announcing that McGuire, who is no stranger to controversy, would not be reprimanded for the comment.

@AFL No, McGuire's apology is NOT ACCEPTABLE! The longer you continue to excuse it the less credibility you have.

The AFL's chief executive, Gillon McLachlan, indicated McGuire would not be punished and denied that the AFL had asked him to step down as Collingwood president.

He told journalists that McGuire's apology for the incident earlier today on Triple M and 3AW radio was enough of a response, and that he had canvassed the opinions of multiple women who all said the apology was "legitimate and acceptable".

@AFL jeez Gillon you were p-weak today!Yet again Eddie et al make unacceptable remarks and fumble through an unapology!

@KKeneally @AFL What we have taught generations w these lacking actions, is that equality is non existent & a boys club gives u a free ride

Former NSW premier and Sky News presenter Kristina Keneally tweeted that other women should let McLachlan know what they thought of McGuire's comment and apology.

McLachlan says he's looking to women as to whether McGuire's apology is acceptable. So let's tell him what we think - tweet him via @AFL

But many were angry that the AFL had left it to women to call out discrimination, instead of disciplining McGuire.

@KKeneally Remember, ladies, ending other people's discrimination against you is your job.

So women are once again asked to lead the response on men's violence? Grow some initiative, sack McGuire. @KKeneally @GrogsGamut @AFL

Labor senator for South Australia, Penny Wong, implored Australians to "stop talking about women in ways that are violent".

.@SenatorWong can everyone please just stop talking about women in violent terms, it isn't funny.

"Can everyone please stop talking about women in violent terms. I mean, look at the stats on family violence, look at the stats of violence against women. It isn't funny. It isn't funny, so can we just stop talking about women in ways that are violent?" she said.