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Little Monster Cardi B Finally Got To Meet Lady Gaga

Now, where's the collab ladies?

I won't waste any time here. You know who Cardi B is. You know she was the first woman solo artist to win a Grammy for Best Rap Album.

And you also know Lady Gaga. She has previously gone by Stefani, Gaga, Lady, Joanne, and Enigma. Tonight she picked up her seventh, eighth, and ninth Grammys.

Well, Cardi has always been a huge fan of Lady Gaga. Like everyone else? No, not like everyone else. Cardi B performed "Bad Romance" (yes, live vocals!) at her high school talent show and recently shared the video on her Instagram.

Cardi actually talks about being a fan quite a bit.

And after a decade of waiting...HERE is the moment they finally met.

Legends supporting legends.

Grammy winners do it better.