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I Bet Finn From "The Good Wife" Would Be An Amazing Boyfriend

These are all imaginary reasons, but valid nonetheless.

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The Good Wife's Finn Polmar, as played by handsome British actor Matthew Goode, is everything. He has a past that hints at its fair share of pain (divorce, sibling death), survived a courthouse shooting, and (SPOILER FOR SEASON 5) cradled Will as he lay dying. Best of all, he has this connection with Alicia (Julianna Margulies), and it's safe to say she's feeling it too. Hallelujah!

In Finn, we have what might be the perfect man: handsome, sensitive, thoughtful, and kind, at ease with himself and in possession of a casual confidence. Also: an absolute corker of a smile. He's the kind of guy who would help you move house, or sit with you for hours at A&E. Honestly, it's enough to make you fling your bra at the screen.

He's already so good at making us (and Alicia) feel great, it seems like he'd be good at a lot of other stuff too. Here are some things I bet Finn Polmar is really good at.

...understands the importance of shea butter to your haircare regimen.


...plays drums (he did all through high school), and when you have a daughter, he'll teach her.

...brings (homemade) chicken soup when you have the flu, and cues up Frasier episodes on Netflix to cheer you up.

...makes you a breakfast of all your favourite things on your birthday, plus a superb back rub.


...wakes you up for that 5am run you need to do to prepare for that half-marathon you're doing in four months' time.

...hands over the Guardian Weekend magazine as soon as he buys the newspaper because he knows it's your favourite section.

...makes really great dinners. He has a delicious tomato sauce recipe.


...thinks Selma was robbed in the Oscar nominations this year. He reckons Ava DuVernay directed a masterpiece.

...goes through your Asos and Amazon wishlists and buys you little things from it from time to time.

....loves your mum's jollof rice, because he is a man of discernment and great taste.


...would name his dog a human name like "Frank" or "Nicola", and you would find it charming.

...loves watching low-budget web series on YouTube with you, because he gets that diversity on telly is still far from perfect.

...would, apropos of nothing, set Beyoncé's "***Flawless" as your morning alarm because he knows how much you love it.


...always does the clapping bit in the Friends theme tune. Without shame or irony.

...laughs with you via meaningful eye contact alone during ridiculous situations.


...books the coolest hotels and Airbnb places for your holidays.

...gets why you giggle when Grey's Anatomy is on. He understands that Jesse Williams is a ridiculously handsome man.


...doesn't mind (much) that your braids sometimes sort of strangle him while you're sleeping.

...would watch The Good Wife with you if such a show existed in his universe.