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Can You Guess The Urban Dictionary Definition Of These Christmas-Themed Words?

Warning: These NSFW definitions will ruin Christmas for you.

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    What Mrs. Claus gets when her pants are too tight; similar to cameltoe
    The luxurious mound of hair that adds a certain topiary quality to the toes; primarily a male feature
    A toe(s) that you or your sexual partner find incredibly arousing and frequently use to induce sexual pleasure for one another
    A man who pretends to be Santa Claus, slides down your chimney, has sex with your parents, then leaves
    A redheaded baker
    The tremendous urge to expel the contents of your bowels during or after a run
    A game where two guys close their eyes and walk toward each other with their erect penises out
    A boner at Christmas dinner
    A very thick, large shit that is decorated with undigested holly leaves and berries
    A male relative who brings home a different girl every year for Christmas dinner is known as a "stocking stuffer"
    A tube sock that is used by adolescent males to ejaculate into when masturbating to contain the mess and hide it from their moms
    A man who has sex whilst dressed as Santa Claus
    When a woman lies on her back, giving her partner a deep throat, while his balls slap her on the forehead making a greasy sound
    When you give someone a handjob while wearing bangles
    The male genitalia clothed in Christmas attire
    Mrs. Claus' breast milk
    Another name for Santa Claus' semen
    When a man is receiving a handjob by a woman with a sock puppet on her hand
    During the holidays, "decking the halls" refers to having sex with your significant other upstairs while the rest of your family is downstairs eating a nice, plump holiday roast
    The act of taking a large shit after Christmas dinner
    To imbibe copious alcoholic beverages as a way of dealing with Christmastime stresses
    When you eat something sweet and it tastes so good that you're aroused
    The resulting pattern when a stripper is spinning on the pole and starts to have her period
    A suckable Christmas cock
    When you sneak downstairs on the night before Christmas—when not a creature is stirring, not even a mouse—and pull down one of the stockings hung from the chimney with care, place the stocking over your penis, jerk off in it, and then hang it back up
    When you have a wet dream on Christmas Eve and wake up on Christmas Day to a "White" Christmas"
    When a man ejaculates into his partner's nose and has them sneeze it back out at them
    All of the above
    The sexual act of taking a fairly good-sized object with a flat surface and—while a man is sitting on it with his erect penis in the woman's vagina—sliding down several flights of stairs, causing irresistable humping and orgasms for both parties
    A daringly acrobatic sex position on a bed in which a dude stands his girl upside-down on her shoulders then blasts her in a downward thrusting position
    A "sleigh ride" is when you and a group of co-workers go to the bathroom to do cocaine in the middle of your work's holiday party

Can You Guess The Urban Dictionary Definition Of These Christmas-Themed Words?

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