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28 Pieces Of Decor That'll Convince Everyone You're An Adult

End tables that say, "Yeah, I pay bills."

1. Sets of matching utensils that weren't stolen from your college cafeteria.

2. ...and coordinating dinnerware for picturesque table settings.

3. Framed wall art that isn't a Jeff Goldblum poster held up with Scotch tape.

4. Perfectly placed throw pillows to tie a room together or add a little *pop.*

5. Containers and storage for spices, including salt and pepper shakers.

6. A couch that isn't a futon, bean bag, or gaming chair.

7. Decorative trays for serving drinks, adorning coffee tables, and organizing bathroom or vanity items.

8. A beautiful springtime table runner that visually anchors your centerpiece.

9. Grown-up coasters to protect the surfaces of your grown-up tables.

10. An area rug that pulls a room together like artwork for your floors.

11. A wine rack for making two-buck Chuck look elegant.

12. Tables to bookend your sofas or master bed, adding surface area and storage.

13. Unique, hand-picked knobs for cabinets and dressers that could use an update.

14. Cozy throw blankets you can cuddle up with instead of dragging your comforter to the couch.

15. Fresh or faux flowers that make your space come to life.

16. Cloth napkins for adding a little *something* that torn-off paper towels can't.

17. A hall tree, coat rack, or storage bench for a properly furnished entryway.

18. ...and an umbrella holder TO BOOT (lolololol).

19. Sophisticated lighting fixtures, like sconces, chandeliers, track lights, or pendant lamps.

20. Matching glasses and stemware.

21. Tabletop canisters that give coffee, snacks, and spices a stylish home.

22. A bar cart for storing and serving *adult* beverages.

23. Shelves for books, framed pictures, candles, or other accents.

24. A headboard, assuming your mattress is on a frame and not on the floor like a giant dog bed.

25. A full-length or accent mirror that's as decorative as it is functional.

26. Designated places for small essentials, like bills and keys.

27. Bookcases that can cover empty walls or give the illusion of separate "rooms" in undivided spaces.

28. And an ottoman you can use as a footrest, table, bench, storage trunk, or accent piece.