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This Real-Life Professional Mermaid Will Blow Your Mind

She wants to be where the people are!

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Meet the world's best professional mermaid, Linden Wolbert.

According to her website, Linden has always felt most comfortable in the water.

She was an accomplished swimmer, scuba diver, and freediver before deciding to construct a 35-pound hydro-dynamic tail specially fit for her body.

The tail allows Linden to swim elegantly through the water, just as a mermaid does.

She can swim to depth of over 100 feet with the tail!

And can hold her breath for over FIVE MINUTES underwater!

Watching Linden swim is a beautiful thing.


Linden is for hire at exclusive events and charities but also has a heart for education.

"She hopes to reach, inspire and educate others, namely children, about ocean conservation," according to her website.

Dear Linden, you are sooo cool!

Here is Linden in action:

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