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Adorable "Come At Me Bros" Of The Animal Kingdom

The act of the 'Come at me bro' did not originate exclusively in the Jersey Shore. One can find many 'come at me bros' naturally occurring in the animal kingdom.

The feline has a quite famous come at me bro stance.

Some are well advanced.

Some are not.

The baby Orangoutang has an acute stance.

The rodent species displays a polite come at me bro.

The Tiger does not.

The Arctic Penguin is fearless.

As are the flailing Black Bears of the North.

The Swan is a natural.


And the Spanish Bull has impeccable form.

The Owl taunts.

The turtle demands you come at him.

You are lucky the Fennec Fox has a leash.

The crayfish is ready for you.


So is the Red Panda.

An epic inner-species taunt.

The lying down 'come at me bro' is displayed here.

Dogs wish you would come at them.

But not like this.

Give me a cracker bro.

Give me a seed bro.

Give me a worm bro.

The hedgehog demands you come at him.

The Praying mantis will come at your household pets.

The Bullfrog declares, "Come at me bro."

The Bovine species shall threaten your dreams.

But few species are more majestic than the anteater.

Human bros have much to learn from the animal kingdom.