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Which Disney Kiss Are You This Valentines Day?

"Wendy, what's a kiss?" -Peter Pan

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What kind of kiss do you want this Valentines day?

32. An enthusiastic one?

31. A kiss under the moonlight?

30. Or one in the twinkling sunset.

29. Maybe a kiss over a romantic dinner?

28. How about one on a balcony?

27. A kiss on the beach?

26. Or in the sea itself!

25. Perhaps a kiss that knocks your hair down?


In honor of Janie Kim & Joe Dyer.

24. A kiss while you twirl?

23. Or maybe just a nuzzle?

There is nothing wrong with that!

22. And maybe this valentines day just isn't your day for a kiss.

21. Perhaps you are woking on a kiss, keep it up!

20. Your kiss could be completely unexpected!

19. Or a total accident!

18. Maybe you will get multiple kisses.

17. Your kiss might send a thrill up your spine and out your ears.

16. Maybe your kiss will be very proper and formal.

15. Maybe the sky will light up for your kiss!

14. Maybe your kiss is kind of agressive.

Or very aggressive!

13. Maybe yours is a kiss of security.

12. Your kiss could be something special just the two of you do!

11. Or maybe there is someone between you and the one you really want to kiss.

10. Or you might have to sneak your kiss!

9. Or maybe your kiss is just adorable beyond words.

8. Your kiss could be forbidden by your family.

7. Perhaps you're just not sure what a kiss is.

6. Do you want an enchanted kiss that breaks a spell?

5. Or a kiss that brings you back to life?

4. Or one that wakes you up from a dark place?

3. And maybe you have waited your whole life for this kiss.

2. In the end, we hope your kiss ends up like this:


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