Viola Davis Revealed Why She Wore Sneakers Instead Of Heels At The Emmys

    Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel about the expectations set on women to look a certain way, Viola said: "That's what it feels like. That you're forced to wear heels."

    Viola Davis has had it with the expectations set on women to look a certain way at fancy events and she doesn't care who knows it!

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    It was clear to see when, at Sunday night's Emmys, Viola casually walked out on stage to present an award in sneakers, which she wore under her incredible Alberta Ferretti gown.

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    And, in a recent interview, Jimmy Kimmel brought up the dress and sneakers combo, saying that his wife, Molly, was a big fan.


    In fact, when Jimmy said that his wife had reacted "as if someone [had] forced her to wear high heels" to the Emmys, Viola quickly responded: "Well, that's what it feels like. That you're forced to wear heels."


    Revealing that her husband jokingly calls her Frank because she "[walks] like Frankenstein" when she wears high heels, Viola said that she decided to change out of the ones she wore on the red carpet so that she'd be comfortable while presenting on stage.

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    Viola did wear heels on the red carpet, mostly because she "did not want to insult Stuart Weitzman" who designed them for the event.

    "I knew I had to present, so I thought I was gonna hobble on stage to the podium and just announce the supporting actor," Viola said. "Then I found out I had to walk through the presentation, I say, 'Hell no. Oh hell no.' I say, 'I will only do it if I can wear my sneakers.'"

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    When Jimmy jokingly asked who was going to stop Queen Viola from wearing sneakers, she hilariously responded: "Nobody because I was ready to fight."


    As well as standing up for the cause of wearing sneakers with fancy gowns, Viola also opened up about playing Michelle Obama in upcoming TV series First Ladies.

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    Viola will also act as an executive producer for the series, which focuses on the lives of first ladies in America throughout history.

    "I'm terrified. I'm absolutely terrified," Viola said, adding that she was unsure if Michelle knew she was taking on the role.

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    "I don't care what else I've done in my life," Viola added. "I've won an Emmy, I've won an Oscar, two Tonys, but if I mess this up, this is gonna be a defining moment in my life."

    She jokingly continued: "It's like, 'You've raised a great kid but you messed up Michelle Obama.'"

    You can watch Viola's full Jimmy Kimmel Live interview here.

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