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Viola Davis Wore A Gown And Sneakers To Present At The Emmys, And It's A Whole Mood

Peak comfort.

Every year, celebrities dress to the nines at award shows. This year, Viola Davis shook things up and opted for a pair of platform sneakers when she presented at the Emmys.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

The How To Get Away With Murder actor slipped out of the heels she wore on the red carpet and into something more comfortable for the telecast.

Here she is rocking her heels:

Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic

And here's a close up of the metallic platform New Balance sneakers Viola wore to present:

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Wearing a gown with sneakers? That's cozy chic. Let's make it a trend.

Peep how comfortable she looked on stage:

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Not having to squeeze your toes in a heel? Bliss!

It doesn't get any better than this.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

I wasn't the only one here for Viola's comfy footwear. Several Twitter users immediately spotted the kicks and praised the star for her fashion choice:

Viola Davis wearing an elegant gown with sneakers on is what I live for. #Emmys

Viola Davis said forget the heels. Sneakers and dress- a whole vibe. I’m not mad at sis. #Emmys

Viola Davis walking out in chunky silver sneakers and "you're lucky I'm even here" energy is the inspiration I needed to keep going #Emmys

Viola Davis wearing a gown and sneakers is a mood. #Emmys

If THE @violadavis can where sneakers to work, so should I. #Emmys2019 #Emmys

Viola Davis wearing sneakers #Emmys2019

Wife, re: Viola Davis: “does she have sneakers on?” Me: “she has whatever the F she wants on.” #Emmys

I knew wearing sneakers with a gown would finally come in style.... Thxs Viola!!! #Emmy2019

So there you have it. Queen Viola has spoken. Gowns with sneakers are in and you can thank her later.