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Viola Davis Wore A Gown And Sneakers To Present At The Emmys, And It's A Whole Mood

Peak comfort.

Every year, celebrities dress to the nines at award shows. This year, Viola Davis shook things up and opted for a pair of platform sneakers when she presented at the Emmys.

Here she is rocking her heels:

And here's a close up of the metallic platform New Balance sneakers Viola wore to present:

Peep how comfortable she looked on stage:

It doesn't get any better than this.

I wasn't the only one here for Viola's comfy footwear. Several Twitter users immediately spotted the kicks and praised the star for her fashion choice:

Viola Davis wearing an elegant gown with sneakers on is what I live for. #Emmys

Viola Davis said forget the heels. Sneakers and dress- a whole vibe. I’m not mad at sis. #Emmys

Viola Davis walking out in chunky silver sneakers and "you're lucky I'm even here" energy is the inspiration I needed to keep going #Emmys

Viola Davis wearing a gown and sneakers is a mood. #Emmys

If THE @violadavis can where sneakers to work, so should I. #Emmys2019 #Emmys

Viola Davis wearing sneakers #Emmys2019

Wife, re: Viola Davis: “does she have sneakers on?” Me: “she has whatever the F she wants on.” #Emmys

I knew wearing sneakers with a gown would finally come in style.... Thxs Viola!!! #Emmy2019

So there you have it. Queen Viola has spoken. Gowns with sneakers are in and you can thank her later.