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Tyler Oakley Called Out A Bunch Of Influencers After Nikita Dragun Threw An "Insane Surprise Party" During Lockdown

"If your favorite influencers are at huge house parties during a pandemic (& are dumb enough to post it on social media) they are bad influences. Unfollow them."

Tyler Oakley just called out a bunch of social media stars for apparently ignoring social distancing rules and partying with large groups of people during lockdown.

It all went down earlier this week when Nikita Dragun threw an "insane surprise party" for fellow YouTuber Larray to celebrate his 22nd birthday.

Videos and pictures of the party, which was held at the Hype House, appeared to show a number of familiar faces in attendance, including Nikita, James Charles, and Tana Mongeau, as well as D'Amelio sisters Charli and Dixie.

With the party being plastered over Instagram, it wasn't long until people began to question why so many people were apparently ignoring safety precautions in place to help protect against the coronavirus.

So last night it was Larray’s birthday and all the young youtubers and tiktokers broke social distancing & quarantine for a Covid - birthday party. Tana, Nikita, Lopez brothers, etc - all hanging out with no masks - in a small confined room - I literally can’t

Los Angeles is currently regarded as "high risk" and at a threat level of orange. Just last week, Mayor Eric Garcetti introduced a "Safer L.A." Emergency Order, reinstating some of the restrictions that were first put in place at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

"Angelenos must minimize contact with others as much as possible," the public order said. "Even if you believe that the virus does not present a particular threat to you, consider the impact that your choices have on others."

And it was clear that many didn't think a house party with so many people in attendance was a good idea in the current climate, particularly as California has recently overtaken New York as the state with the most confirmed cases of COVID-19.

ok but larray’s party is like coronavirus central??? what the fuck lmao and DO NOT tell me they had temperature scanners at the door because i know DAMN well they wouldn’t have done that😭 just cuz covid isn’t trending doesn’t mean it’s not still happening (most in the us)

i love larray to death.. but what the fuck was nikita and him thinking... CA cases just passed NY and that’s literally such an issue... and then there’s a huge party with no one wearing a mask... setting great examples for all your fans... it’s really not ok.. think shit through

One of the people who was critical of the party was social media star Tyler Oakley, who not only condemned the party but tagged people who were in attendance.

Tyler went as far as to suggest that people breaking lockdown rules were "bad influences" and should be unfollowed, before encouraging the likes of James and Tana to instead use their platform to "encourage responsibility".

hi @jamescharles @NikitaDragun @tanamongeau @larrayxo @charlidamelio @dixiedamelio & any others who have been partying in large groups - please consider social distancing, mask wearing, & using your huge platforms to encourage responsibility during a worldwide pandemic.

"Not trying to drag them!" Tyler said in response to a fan. "Just reaching out & hoping they feel encouraged to take everything a bit more seriously. Getting through a pandemic takes teamwork. & people look to them for guidance!"

And when someone else said they hoped people at the party caught COVID, Tyler quickly disagreed, explaining they could come into contact with someone more vulnerable to the virus.

@eliaginsburg @jamescharles @NikitaDragun @tanamongeau @larrayxo @charlidamelio @dixiedamelio i hope they don't! they'll likely come into contact with many vulnerable people who DO take precautions, the last thing i want to happen is for those people to be impacted by their irresponsible behavior.

"I want them to stay healthy," Tyler finished. "They just need a reminder that they have the added responsibility of being role models during a crucial moment in our country."

@cynthiasoto78 @jamescharles @NikitaDragun @tanamongeau @larrayxo @charlidamelio @dixiedamelio exactly! i want them to stay healthy, i want their people to stay healthy, i want vulnerable people they may come into contact with to stay healthy... they just need a reminder that they have the added responsibility of being role models during a crucial moment in our country.

Larray responded to Tyler's tweet, saying that the party was "a dumb thing to do" before promising to take the virus seriously in future.

@tyleroakley i understand 100% where ur coming from & it was a dumb thing to do. I will do better & will actually take this shit seriously. appreciate you tyler much love

As of yet, nobody else has responded to Tyler's tweet or the online backlash over the party. BuzzFeed News has reached out to James, Nikita, Tana, Charli, and Dixie for comment.