Lizzo Announced She Was Quitting Twitter And The Replies Created A "Toxic Thread"

    "I'll be back when I feel like it."

    Lizzo announced on Monday that she's quitting Twitter, at least for now.

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    On the social media platform, the "Good As Hell" singer said: "I can't do this Twitter shit no more...too many trolls."

    Yeah I can’t do this Twitter shit no more.. too many trolls... ✌🏾 I’ll be back when I feel like it.

    Jumping on Instagram shortly after, Lizzo opened up about her decision to leave Twitter, noting internet bullies and negativity as the main reasons.

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    "All social media is not created equal," she said. "I would love to be on Twitter 'cause I could connect with you people who positively support me…not to mention spreading my own positive messages."

    She continued: "But now I've gotten to a point where I'm not just dealing with internet bullies; I'm dealing with seeing a lot of negativity on the internet dealing with everyone."

    2019 saw Lizzo's career take off as she scored her first No. 1 single and album on the Billboard charts. Her incredible year was capped off by eight Grammy nominations.

    However, Lizzo has also found herself the target of internet trolls, and the negative comments only appear to have gotten worse.

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    In fact, fans were forced to come to Lizzo's defence when replies to her tweet about quitting the social media platform began to form a "toxic thread" which many called "bullying".

    @lizzo This genuinely makes me so sad scrolling through the reply section. all Lizzo has ever done for me and many others is uplift people, and y'all really think its funny to fat-shame. i know so many amazing people who are overweight, and to scroll through and see all of this truly

    Last month, Lizzo responded to trolls after receiving backlash for twerking in a thong at a basketball game. At the time she said she wouldn't allow the negativity to "shrink" her.

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    "I just want you to know that it doesn't matter what goes on on the internet. Nothing really breaks my joy," she said at the time.

    "I'm not gonna quiet myself," she added. "I'm not gonna shrink myself because somebody thinks that I'm not sexy to them. You really think because somebody on Twitter think that I'm not cute, I'm gonna stop existing?"

    And, despite quitting Twitter, it seems that Lizzo is still trying to ensure that trolls don't get the better of her. After performing at the Sydney Opera House last night, she posted a slow-motion video on Instagram alongside the caption: "Confidence is comin's over for u troll bitches."

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