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Lizzo Wore An NSFW Outfit To A Basketball Game And It Sparked A Debate About Body Type Double Standards

"Hang it in the Louvre."

Last night, Lizzo attended a sportsball game in LA.

During halftime, the Laker Girls danced to Lizzo's hit "Juice" and the Grammy-nominated singer twerked along, revealing the other side of her outfit...

Lizzo hits a twerk while enjoying the the Laker Girls routine to “Juice” at tonight’s Lakers game...


Literally me, when I saw the back of her dress:

In a video on her Insta story, Lizzo said, "This is how a bad bitch goes to the Lakers game," while showing off her butt and thong in the outfit's cutout.

Obviously, the internet made some jokes once the pics went viral.

But her outfit also sparked a heated debate. Many people claimed that what she wore was inappropriate given many kids and families were in attendance:

Innocent families at the game when Lizzo showed up with her cheeks out:

Absolutely nobody: Lizzo: Unproblematic Faithful Black Kings just trying to enjoy a Lakers game with their beautiful families:

Regardless of Lizzo’s weight, being in a public place where there’s families and kids with your WHOLE ass out is indecent and y’all know this. You’re just being dense for the sake of being dense

While others insisted the outfit was just bad fashion:

Y’all be sounding dumb trying to justify your opinions for “legit” reasons. Lizzo’s outfit was RAGGEDY AF and that’s THAT. Don’t gotta say nothing bout “kids” or “family event” like no! Stop. Say it witcha CHEST: the shirt and its WAZE bootyhole shortcut was a NO! See? Easy.

On the other hand, people believe Lizzo is only facing criticism because of her body type:

Let’s be honest with ourselves: Professional cheerleaders are typically half-dressed and performing dance routines at professional sporting events. It has never been cause for national panic. We see Lizzo’s outfit and behavior as “indecent” because of the body she exists in.

I’m cracking up at all the “Lizzo was at a basketball game, children were there” y’all love protecting children when it’s convenient. Kids be around cigarette smoke, weed smoke, vulgar language, crackhead uncles, etc. But a fat bitch with her ass showing will harm them. Okay then

Lizzo is only annoying because she is doing things you deem unacceptable from women that look like HER. People need to reflect on what they’re saying, especially the so-called “body-pos” lovers. We love giving people conditions for our comfort. How arrogant.

Despite the criticism, Lizzo seems to be completely unbothered:

So #Lizzo is trending because of her outfit. Sis knew exactly what she was doing 🤣 she got y'all bothered by her outfit and then dropped A music video a hour ago , 😂😅

Lizzo watching the internet fight to the death whenever she takes out a booty cheek.

In fact, she retweeted a pic of herself at the game and wrote, "🗣HANG IT IN THE LOUVE."

At the end of the day, I think this is the only clear takeaway message:


What do you think of Lizzo's outfit? Was it inappropriate or are people overreacting? Tell us in the comments!