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21 Times Gay Men Got It Wrong In 2015

I'm not losing messages, I'm just losing faith.

1. Some gay men just didn't understand the art of subtle flirtation.

😳 I use Grindr to look around but the town hoe keeps messaging me. Even after I've said no.

2. They took the phrase "if at first you don't succeed, try again" too literally.

3. Some were inconsistent.


4. While others didn't understand that no means no.

5. Some were not accepting of their sexuality (and were also shit at writing dating app bios).

Great way to start your Grindr profile

Straight man + gay dating app = no.

Gay dating app bio + "straight white male" = also no.

6. Many couldn't take a hint.

I made the mistake of replying when he said "hi." #grindr #grindrfail

Silence, of course, means interest.

7. And it was probably the same people who couldn't take rejection.

8. Some people were liars.

You will get found out, do not piss on my leg and tell me it's rain.

9. Others were just discreet arseholes.

Grindr-folk, demonstrating their honesty whilst coupled. 😒

10. In 2015, some gay men were not aware that creepy is not a quality most of us look for.

11. While some were ~still~ asking the dreaded question.

this is the message that haunts every gay guy with a Grindr

Leave it in 2015.

12. Grindr just became a place of zero chill.

"Wuu2" "hud" top or bottom?" "Hey u" "no fats no gems" "straight acting only" Grindr though.

13. Flirting amongst homosexuals reached its peak in 2015.

14. Many proved that romance has never been as alive as it is now.

15. Speaking of romance, some weren't beneath using the festivities for their own personal gain.

16. While others didn't quite understand the concept of revealing too much too soon.

17. There were people who couldn't separate business from pleasure.

Or education and pleasure.

18. Too many were discriminating.

19. Some just didn't research their audience before going all in.

Daddy? You're older than I am.

20. Gay men were actually willing to keep things realistic.

This is basically 2015 Grindr protocol in one screenshot.

21. But the outcome in 2015 was generally the same.