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    Amy Schumer Said She Hopes Her Son "Doesn't Believe Her" When She Tells Him About 2020

    "I hope he doesn't even believe me when I tell him how awful things were."

    It's fair to say Amy Schumer has been pretty open and honest about parenthood since giving birth to her first child, Gene, last year.

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    Since the birth of her son, there's been hospital pants...

    ...not to mention the sudden realisation that her son's full name originally sounded like "genital fissure" before it was changed, something that came as quite a shock.

    Amy's also been incredibly open about her fertility and IVF issues, posting a picture of her bruised stomach back in January to discuss the subject and ask for advice.

    So it comes as no surprise that, when asked how she'll explain 2020 to her son, she said she plans on being just as honest.

    "I think we're probably gonna keep it pretty real with Gene when he's old enough," Amy told E! News in a recent interview. "I did get arrested while I was pregnant with him, so he's already been arrested."

    "I go to a protest every morning at 10:30, and he comes with me a lot, so he'll know all about Black Lives Matter," Amy continued. "I hope he doesn't even believe me when I tell him how awful things were."

    The comedian has been vocal in her support of Black Lives Matter over the last few weeks, particularly on Instagram, where she's been campaigning for justice and donating money to causes, including Colin Kaepernick's legal defense intiative.

    Posting a video of her son last month, Amy also opened up about her privilege as a white woman, saying: "I don't have to be worried about my son being killed because of the color of his skin or his hair style."

    You can watch Amy's full interview with E! News here.

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