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    14 Undeniable Reasons Why Henry Cavill Was Perfectly Cast In "The Witcher"

    He wanted to take THAT bathtub scene even further!

    The Witcher has returned for a second season, and I think it's about time we gave the lead props.

    When I heard that Superman would be playing the rugged, husky Witcher, even I had doubts. Now I see he was born to be Geralt of Rivia, and here's why:

    1. First of all, he LOVES the source material.

    2. He clearly felt that the part of Geralt was his destiny (which is good because destiny is what the show's all about).

    3. He's like a "Witcher bible" on set.

    4. He spent lockdown re-playing The Witcher 3 on the hardest difficulty.

    5. He's intent on doing Geralt's character arc justice.

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    Henry's goal for his version of Geralt is to stay as true to the character from the books as he can. This had an impact going into season two, with Henry pushing really hard to give Geralt more of a voice (literally) in order to delve deeper into his character.

    Speaking to Lorraine, Henry alluded to his own input into Geralt's personal development in the second season, "Andrzej Sapkowski wrote an incredibly nuanced and beautiful three-dimensional character, and I campaigned very very hard to make sure that character existed in season two."

    6. He's a huge gaming and role-play fan, which we love to see!

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    Did you know that Henry is a proper fantasy fanatic? In an interview with Graham Norton, he explained his love of both The Witcher and Warhammer. He also famously nearly missed Zach Snyder informing him of his Superman role because he was deep in a raid on World of Warcraft. Priorities, right?

    7. He insisted on doing all of his own stunts and swordwork, which he went all-in on.

    8. He and Joey Batey are the perfect duo.

    If you're interested, here's three and a half minutes of Geralt and Jaskier just being Geralt and Jaskier:

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    9. The way Henry says "fuck" gets me every time!

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    It isn't a proper episode of The Witcher without at least one f-bomb.

    10. Oh, and while we're at it, we can't forget his "hmm"s – the best "hmm"s in the business!

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    Someone has painstakingly stitched all 40 "hmm"s from season one together – each better than the last – and for that, I thank you.

    Being a mutant of few words, it was important for Henry to put as much emotion into these thoughtful absorptions as possible, and he certainly succeeded IMO.

    11. He's managed to convince the naysayers that he truly is the best Geralt, and that's a credit to him.

    12. But he also gets that some stans of The Witcher books and games might not like the series, and that's okay.

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    That's right folks, he's humble too! Henry has refused to condemn opinionated fans, arguing that they have the right to their opinions. His denial that The Witcher has a 'toxic' fandom makes him ~even~ more likeable!

    Speaking to Jake Hamilton, Henry commented that with games and books, you'll never be exactly what people imagined in their heads.

    13. And finally, Andrej Sapkowski – who wrote The Witcher book series – has given Henry his seal of approval. So, y'know, that's that really.

    14. Oh, and the relationship Henry has with his dog Kal is essentially the same relationship Geralt has with Roach – which I find utterly adorable!

    Sound familiar?

    You can catch up with The Witcher on Netflix right now! Let us know your opinions in the comments below.