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    Everyone Needs To Start Wearing Socks With Their Sandals Right Now — Here's Why

    Socks stop your sandals from becoming disgusting sweat sponges.

    For most, the thought of wearing socks and sandals together conjures up images of dads on holiday in hiking sandals and white socks, queuing up for the breakfast buffet.

    As a 29-year-old rocker of socks and sandals, I can tell you why this should be a trend worn by all, not just pensioners (and me)...

    1. First, everyone agrees that feet are gross and should be covered up.

    2. Socks stop your feet from getting all sweaty.

    3. And they will stop your feet from getting stinky, too!

    4. Socks and sandals are perfect for those balmy summer days when you still want a bit of warmth but also some footsie freedom.

    5. Not only can you show off your sweet sandals, but you can now express yourself with your socks, too! Double the steez!

    6. if anything, socks and sandals are just a more practical choice.

    7. Like slippers? Socks and sandals are the closest thing you can get to being in your slippers in the outside world!

    8. And finally...IT LOOKS COOL AS HELL!

    9. Just look at how cool Tyler, the Creator looks!

    So, there you have it — get out there and wear your socks and sandals with pride!

    Do you wear socks and sandals? Let us know in the comments!