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    Updated on May 22, 2019. Posted on May 9, 2019

    17 People Tried To Draw Pokémon From Memory

    The results are...interesting.

    With the upcoming release of Pokémon Detective Pikachu upon us, I decided to see how well I could remember my favourite little Pocket Monster by trying to draw him from memory.

    Ben Armson / The Pokémon Company

    Yes, I know it looks like some weird electric rabbit. Having found this quite a bit harder than I first thought, I decided to get people around the office to try and draw some of the original 151 Pokémon from the Kanto region. Here are the results!

    1. Who's that Pokémon? Erm, it's supposed to be Magikarp, but it looks more like a pet goldfish in a top hat.

    Josie A / The Pokémon Company

    2. Charmeleon looks like some sort of Play-Doh lizard. Also what's up with its eyes?

    Remee P / The Pokémon Company

    3. Okay, I've got to admit it this Bulbasaur is pretty spot-on. This person clearly knows their Pokémon.

    Hanifah R / The Pokémon Company

    4. Squirtle looks like a teddy bear with a walnut on its back.

    Steph T / The Pokémon Company

    5. Why does this Blastoise look like it's washing its hands? Also what's with the pea head? Poor effort.

    Becca M / The Pokémon Company

    6. If you have to label the hands, you're obviously not doing very well, but I guess this does look kind of like Haunter to an extent.

    Melissa P / The Pokémon Company

    7. Firstly, what is with all these abs? Don't get me started on the legs! Everyone knows Geodude is an angry floating rock with arms!

    Remee P / The Pokémon Company

    8. Has this Golbat got leaves for feet? What's with those tiny little hands? This is not the work of a true Pokémon fan.

    Josie A / The Pokémon Company

    9. Well, this is terrifying! Just when you thought Jynx couldn't get any weirder, it's become some sort of skinny zombie witch. It is kind of accurate though, TBF. 6/10 for effort.

    Tom H / The Pokémon Company

    10. I'm actually quite impressed with this Lickitung — it looks absolutely nothing like the actual Pokémon, but it's kind of cool. It doesn't look like the original, though, so ultimately this is terrible.

    Nyall C / The Pokémon Company

    11. This is actually a pretty good effort. But it does look like two clouds with pins stuck in them — also Weezing has never looked that happy.

    Owen S / The Pokémon Company

    12. Wow, this is the saddest-looking Magnemite I have ever seen. This person clearly doesn't know their Pokémon.

    Pip A / The Pokémon Company

    13. Why does this Mewtwo look like it belongs in the musical Cats? Why are its legs so muscular and arms so thin? Are you okay, Mewtwo?

    Tom H / The Pokémon Company

    14. I don't know what's going on with this Psyduck — is it some sort of dinosaur with giant flippers for feet?

    James L / The Pokémon Company

    15. This Zapdos looks more like a pigeon that has flown backwards through a hedge.

    Owen S / The Pokémon Company

    16. Okay, I have to admit this Snorlax is pretty accurate. This person definitely knows their Pokémon.

    James L / The Pokémon Company

    17. Last but not least, it's Pikachu! Well if Pikachu was in some sort of freak accident which made all its limbs shrink.

    Emma T / The Pokémon Company

    It turns out that drawing Pokémon from memory is actually really hard, but I'm sure you can all agree that the results are hilarious and brilliant!

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