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    Here's Everything That Would Happen If "Emily In Paris" Was "Emily In London"

    She would get 1 million likes on a selfie with a Greggs sausage roll.

    1. She would constantly go on about how London is "magical" and "enchanting", even though she's just been stuck on a tube for 40 minutes with her face in someone's armpit.

    Getty Images / Netflix / Ben Armson

    Picture her standing at the barriers as her oyster card gets denied for a 5th time, a massive queue of people forming behind her, all cursing under their breath.

    2. Every time someone says "y'alright" to her, she would launch into a monologue about how great she is doing and how much she loves London, perplexing everyone she comes into contact with.

    Getty Images / Netflix / Ben Armson

    Mark from IT will foolishly fall for this at least once a week, he is too shy to explain that he was just saying hello.

    3. She would rent a flat in South Kensington that she describes as "small and cosy" when in fact it's a massive two-bed with amazing views of London.

    Getty Images / Netflix / Ben Armson

    She won't be able to understand why people live in Zone 2 and 3, and living further afield will absolutely blow her mind. She would want to live in the heart of the city, to make sure she got the "authentic London experience".

    4. She would get a selfie outside of a spoons with a pint of cheap lager and say how "quaint" and "cute" British pubs are.

    Getty Images / Netflix / Ben Armson

    She would be obsessed by the fact that things come in pints, and get a £4.99 microwaved sausage and mash thinking she is eating traditional British pub grub.

    5. She would get a selfie outside those colourful houses in Notting Hill and it would get over a thousand likes.

    Alexander Spatari / Getty Images / Netflix / Ben Armson

    She would go there thinking there is a high chance she will see Hugh Grant and fantasises about marrying him.

    6. But then she would take a photo of a Greggs sausage roll and that would get over a million likes

    Getty Images / Netflix / Ben Armson

    Greggs would appoint her as its new social media manager and she'd create a campaign where they make Buckingham Palace out of steak bakes.

    7. Her downstairs neighbour would work in a fish and chip shop, he'd cook her first ever fish and chips and she'd instantly fall in love with him.

    Getty Images / Netflix / Ben Armson

    She would send photos of him to all her friends saying "doesn't he look like Prince Harry?!".

    8. She would talk in a terrible British accent constantly saying "allo mate" repeatedly at least eleven times a day, making everyone cringe.

    Getty Images / Netflix / Ben Armson

    Even Dick Van Dyke would shudder at her attempt to pronounce "garage".

    9. She would hold up traffic at the Abbey Road zebra crossing trying to get the perfect pic, ignoring the beeping horns till she got the shot just right.

    Getty Images / Netflix / Ben Armson

    A cab driver will call her the C-word and shed"d be be shocked to her very core.

    10. To "blend in with the locals", she would wear a Pearly Queen outfit.

    Getty Images / Netflix / Ben Armson

    On the weekends she'd wear Ginger Spices' Union Jack dress to mix it up a little bit.

    11. She would go on a date with a local, but be put off by him because of his teeth.

    Getty Images / Netflix / Ben Armson

    His teeth are completely normal. Her stereotyping of the city and people that live in it would have no bounds!

    12. Despite being in London she would constantly refer to her Scottish heritage.

    Getty Images / Netflix / Ben Armson

    Her great, great, great, great, Grandfather was Scottish and she won't stop mentioning it until everyone she meets knows about it.

    13. She would eat a full on cream tea with scones, finger sandwiches, and cakes, for breakfast every day.

    Getty Images / Netflix / Ben Armson

    She is convinced that this is how British people start their days and will not be told otherwise.

    14. She would get absolutely smashed at drinks after work and be extremely shocked that no one eats anything before going out drinking.

    Getty Images / Netflix / Ben Armson

    A round of Jägerbombs at 5.30pm does not go down well.

    15. She would take a selfie with a red London phone box that will earn her another 1020203875 followers.

    Getty Images / Netflix / Ben Armson

    She would have a winning smile even though she nearly vomited from the smell of piss.

    16. In just six short months she will become the most followed person on Instagram but the pressure to post will eventually become too much when she has a breakdown in M&Ms World, leading her to deactivate her account.

    Getty Images / Netflix / Ben Armson

    17. But after one week she will return better than ever, posting even more ~fire~ content for her adoring fans!

    Getty Images / Netflix / Ben Armson

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