19 Of The Most Outrageous School Trip Stories You'll Ever Hear

    School trips are where it all goes down.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their wildest school trip stories. Here they are:

    1. The Convent Discovery

    "I attended a Catholic high school so every year we would spend three nights in a convent. Our teachers would force us to be on our best behaviour so that we would seem like a delight to the nuns. Especially to the head mistress. One fateful night, someone took a huge dump the size of an arm and didn't flush. Sadly, it was discovered by one of the nuns. The next morning, the head mistress gave us a long sermon about toilet etiquette, while my teacher melted of humiliation in the corner."


    2. The Stowaway

    "In fifth grade we went on a field trip to explore some historical sites. On the way there the bus started to smell FUNKY. After about 15 minutes everyone smelled it and was trying to figure out what happened. The bus driver eventually pulled over cause he couldn't take the smell anymore and a teacher looked around the bus only to discover a skunk directly under one of the seats!"


    3. Something Fishy

    "My cousin went on a trip to an aquarium. The trip was great, but when he arrived back at school he started to act strangely. After a good amount of prodding, he opened up his backpack.


    This kid had straight up smuggled a penguin from the exhibit. His mom called the aquarium to tell them what was up. They didn’t believe her. She says, “Count em.” Lady put her on hold for a few minutes... and says, “How fast can you get him back?”


    4. The Special Seat

    "When I was about seven we went on a trip to the Houses of Parliament. We were all explicitly told not to touch the chairs or sit on them. It was before lunch and my blood sugar was low, so I fainted. They sat me down in one of the chairs and I got given a packet of sweets and a fan put in front of me. Then in the assembly at the end of the week my head teacher got me up in front of the whole school and told the story of how I fainted. Still can’t live it down."


    5. The Best Worst Trip

    "In our school there were four classes in each year. Three of the classes were lucky enough to be taken to an amusement park close to London. My class teacher didn’t agree with us having a fun day out, and said we should be doing something educational.

    So where did we go? A washing machine factory in Kent.

    We were so embarrassed when returning to school that we lied about what we did and told them that the washing machine factory was awesome and we went on quad bikes. We didn’t, we looked inside about 100 old washing machines."


    6. The Flashers

    "We were teenagers on a school trip to Paris. From our room we could see two guys around our age who were decent looking. We started chatting with hand signals and signs we’d written in marker in our school books, and then a few of us decided to flash them our boobs. In the morning, we saw the sign of their ‘hotel’ which turned out to be a psychiatric hospital! We all got detentions when the hospital complained..."


    7. The Quiet Kid

    "At our year six residential trip, There was one lad at school who had a reputation for being the quietest. During our year six residential trip, he managed in the space of four days to: fall from a boat into the ocean, climb up on a display in a museum and knock it over, get stuck inside a claw machine at the arcade, and choke on a lollipop."


    8. Back Seat Riders

    "We were on a field trip in middle school and two of my classmates started having sex at the back of the bus. We were all shocked. The whispers went around the bus but I guess it didn't get to the chaperons because nobody came to stop it. The girl got pregnant a few months later. We don't know if it was from the field trip shenanigans or extra curricular activities."


    9. Bad Spirits

    "We were on a photography camp in high school and half the girls were getting stoned in one hotel room, while the other half decided to do a seance in the adjoining room... The seance girls then came banging on our door to inform us that there was a spirit loose in the room. This subsequently led to some very high and very freaked out girls propping pillows and the bed covers against the door to stop the "spirit" getting in!"


    10. Campfire Chaos

    "On a Duke of Edinburgh camping trip, we were toasting a Rice Krispy treat that accidentally started a fire that spread quickly and was about half the size of a football pitch. We had no phone signal to call for help. So the group of approximately 15 16-year-olds had to jump in the river, take our tops off and use them to dampen down the flames. Took about 30 minutes but it worked."


    11. The First Aid Failure

    "On a school trip to Paris, the teachers all drank a lot of wine at dinner before heading up to their rooms. One of the girls got a nosebleed and went for first aid, to which our designated first aider, my maths teacher, decided the appropriate course of action was to bandage her whole head up."


    12. The Sleepwalker

    "On a high school trip to a choir festival, one of the boys in the room next door apparently had a sleepwalking problem. We all woke up to shouts of: “Alan!! Noooo!!” as he slept walked into the hall of the hotel and took a huge dump next to the elevator. Good times."


    13. The Hole

    "On a ski trip some kid in my class fell in a five foot hole and was down there for hours. Nobody really noticed until we were leaving and couldn't find him."


    14. On Thin Ice

    "Our entire class went ice skating in the seventh grade and this girl slipped and smashed straight into the chaperone. She comically fell over backwards, catching him under the chin with the blade and there was blood everywhere."


    15. The Lockdown

    "In fourth grade we went to the park for our school trip. Unfortunately we had to spend 90% of our time in a barn on lockdown because a bank robber was running loose in the park."


    16. The Excavation

    "My elementary school class went on a trip to an archeological excavation, and we had to leave almost as soon as they started the tour because they found a body and couldn’t tell if it was old or new."


    17. The Stare Off

    "In year 11, our year group went on a trip to Berlin. We would all wait till the teachers had gone to their hotel rooms before sneaking out to the bar on the corner of the street to get drunk. It wasn’t until a few of us went out to smoke that we realised our teachers had done exactly the same thing. There we were teachers and students all drunk having a stare off with each other."


    18. Quarantine Zone

    "During our graduation trip almost all of us contracted swine flu. After two days, the epidemic reached its peak and we had to wait another four days until we could return home. The hotel was quarantined, we even had to sleep with respirators. Our hotel was basically converted into a small hospital."


    19. The Free Spirit

    "I went to a pretty hippy school. On a camping trip, the teacher decided to take us on an unscheduled visit to a famous nudist colony nearby. After watching her strip down, we were taken on a tour – there were naked people everywhere! If we told our parents about it at all, I don't remember them being that fazed. The mid-90s were a wiiiild time."


    Whats your outrageous school trip story? Add yours in the comments!

    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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