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    Jim Carrey And Grimes Guest Starred On Episode 4 Of Canada's Drag Race, And Here's What Happened

    Bernie Sanders, Grimes, and Yoko Ono walk into a bar...

    🚨 This post contains spoilers for Canada's Drag Race Season 2. 🚨

    It's time to play...

    I can't believe we're here already. Time really flies when there are wigs involved. So let's get right into it! Here are 17 thoughts I had while watching Canada Drag Race's "Snatch Game".

    1. Drag is not a contact sport.

    2. Tell me astrology isn't real when Synthia is an ARIES.

    3. I love that the queens scream when they see Rupaul on screen.

    4. Imagine Drake as a judge on Drag Race.

    5. Okay, these girls came ready to read!

    6. Only an Aries could go after the main judge like that!

    7. My initial thoughts as soon as Pythia said she’s going to do Grimes for Snatch Game:

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    Harper's BAZAAR / Via

    What’s she gonna do? Wield a sword? Eat spaghetti? Attend a semester at McGill? 

    8. I have to admit, it was around this time in the episode I got distracted by the news that Ariana Grande was going to be in the new Wicked movie.

    9. Oh okay, I’m back— the runway theme is Canadian scene stealers.

    10. “I gave birth to an external disc drive.”

    11. Gia as Jim Carrey was an EXCEPTIONAL CHOICE.

    12. Only an Aries would choose a Snatch Game character that failed miserably the last time.

    13. Once again, I'm here to dedicate a spot on the list (and worship at the feet of) Brooke Lynn Hytes.

    14. Kimora Amor MADE THIS LOOK?

    Drag queen with beautiful yellow outfit on with giant yellow feathers as a head piece

    15. Gia Metric as Mike Myers as Austin Powers is something I did not have on my bingo card tonight.

    drag queen dressed as austin powers in blue suit.

    16. When an Aries wins at anything it really zoots my soul to the sun.

    17. Suki Doll is a legend and that trench she wore on the runway will go down in runway herstory.

    I couldn't let Suki and the trench go without saying Au revoir, so we stopped to chat about her gaggiest moment of the season:

    Who would you be in Snatch Game? Comment down below!

    See you next week!