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    23 Products That Just Look Really, Really Cool

    Your eyes are gonna love this stuff.

    1. A magnetic face mask that's even more fun to take off than put on.

    2. A neat cork frame you can use to display pins, photos, cool push pins, and more at your WFH desk.

    3. A Breath of the Wild-inspired lantern featuring all the Divine Beasts. It even comes with a remote so you can turn this cube on the second you get home after a long day of beating up Bokoblins.

    4. A glow-in-the-dark glob ball you actually kind of knead.

    5. A cloud bath bomb that spits out a trail of rainbow joy when you plop it in water.

    6. A lip balm with an actual mini flower encased inside — neat!

    7. Ritual — a vitamin subscription service that sends you minty-tasting, beautiful pills each month.

    8. A watercolor umbrella to make rainy days feel a little brighter.

    9. A floral basketball for all your backyard fun needs.

    10. A rainbow ladder area rug to add a happy pop of color to your space.

    11. A pair of marimo moss balls that come with winged glass bowls, so your angel bbs can have proper homes.

    12. A color-changing D20 light for anyone on a quest for the best geeky decor.

    13. A splurge-worthy glitter mask so your skin can really shine.

    14. A beautiful seashell mirror that'll make you feel like you live in an an octopus' garden in the shade.

    15. A Harry Potter lamp with a legit snow globe base. If that's not Hogwarts-level magic, I don't know what is.

    16. Speaking of snow globes, a Mars dust globe for space lovers who would take a red dust storm over a blizzard any day.

    17. A fire escape-style shelving unit so your decor can climb to new heights.

    18. A French bulldog mug so wonderful, you may never drink coffee out of anything else ever again.

    19. A floral bottle that'll keep your hot drinks hot, cold drinks cold, and all drinks pretty.

    20. A Baggu reusable bag for all your grocery store trips. These can fit a ton of stuff and look good doing it.

    21. A Bluetooth speaker that provides an impressive light show that dances along with your music.

    22. A bell jar necklace with a mini overgrown greenhouse inside, in case you wanna feel like a giant every time you wear it.

    23. And a big ol' gem chunk that lights up and will make you feel like a wizard whenever you turn it on.

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