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    I Tried The Pretty Vitamins That Are All Over Instagram And TBH I Love Them

    Ritual vitamins are beautiful, minty fresh, and basically make me feel like the sparkle emoji every day.

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    Up until very recently, I didn't take a daily vitamin. I had nothing against the idea, I just...didn't bother. But after a friend whose general taste/product choices I deeply trust told me that taking Ritual vitamins genuinely brought joy to her daily routine, I was intrigued.


    Beautiful everyday things that bring genuine joy are my love language!!!

    The vitamins arrived a few days later in their beautiful, minimalist, extremely Instagram-friendly packaging.

    Rachel Miller

    Ritual's marketing hook is that they only contain the vitamins women need (there is no men's version), and they don't contain anything extra. Which, I mean...sure?


    I'm honestly not convinced that I need to take vitamins at all, though my doctor has been bugging me to take a Vitamin D supplement for like two years and this is the first thing that actually got me to do it. (Ritual contains 2000 IU of Vitamin D, and that, combined with my doctor's D recommendations, helped sell me. I later pulled up the Ritual website in her office to show her the exact amount of D in the vitamins — because she was skeptical when I told her it had more than most multis — and she was legit impressed/approved.)

    The other hook is that they are "clean" — non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and don't contain any synthetic fillers or colors. Again...sure?


    To be totally transparent, this isn't that important to me at this moment in my life. Maybe it should be, but I'm going to need to hear it from someone other than a brand pushing vitamins that cost twice as much as the (admittedly not at all inspiring!!!) drugstore options. Ritual also claims that their vitamins are "joy promoting," "battery charging," and "skin-perfecting." But I mean...what vitamins don't promise this? I'm including all of this information because it might matter to you, but the truth is, it did not matter to me.

    The real selling point, for me, is the fact that these vitamins are legitimately just as delightful as my friend told me they were!

    Rachel Miller

    Also, after I posted them on my Instagram, several friends DM'd me to say that they also love them.

    The magic mostly lies in both the bottle and pill design — WHY DON'T ALL PILLS LOOK AND FEEL LIKE THIS — and also in the magical minty tab.

    Rachel Miller

    I didn't realize it at first, but each bottle has a clear food-safe plastic tab at the bottom that's infused with peppermint oil; this makes the vitamins smell (and lightly taste) minty.

    It sounds like a small thing, but it actually goes a really long way.

    Rachel Miller

    Opening them the first time and getting hint with the sweet, amazing mint fragrance was genuinely wonderful. Again: Why aren't all pills like this?!

    Overall, taking them each day is a legit lovely experience, so I actually do it.

    Rachel Miller

    (One of my coworkers said they were the only vitamins she'd ever been able to stick with.) While I was sent the first bottle to try for free, I went ahead and bought my second during the third week because I didn't want to experience any sort of break in my new vitamin, uh, ritual.

    And speaking of the third week, it was around that time that I noticed that my skin was really, really glowy.


    I started using pure rosehip oil several months ago and have been totally blown away by the results, but this was something new/distinct/extra. I can't say for certain it's the vitamins (I'm CLEARLY not a scientist!!!), but given that nothing else has really changed in my life, it seems likely enough.

    There are certainly cheaper vitamins on the market, but I am able/willing to pay $1/day for a vitamin D supplement (and then some) that brings me genuine, minty-fresh joy, and leaves me feeling like the sparkle emoji morning and night. 💛✨

    Get a one-month supply from Ritual for $30.

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