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    40 Products That Are Just All Around Good Purchases

    Regret-free purchases are always the best kind.

    1. A pack of three silk scrunchies that'll feel like heaven on your wrist or in your hair. Thanks to silk's gentle nature, you won't be ripping strands out every time you need to take the hair tie out.

    2. A pair of arch support compression bands to help with a whole slew of foot-related problems like heel spurs and fallen arches. Goodbye, stiff and painful feet!

    feet with bands over the middle

    3. Dairy-free ice cream from Eclipse that's so deliciously creamy, it defies reality.

    tan colored ice cream in a hot pink pint with caption "cookie butter ice cream"

    4. A dry shampoo for cats, because we all know Socks is not going to take a bath willingly.

    model administers foam from can on top of cats head

    5. A super gentle but effective cleanser that'll make you feel like you just dunked your face into a vat of honey (if honey cleaned your skin instead of making it sticky).

    bottle of honey-like cleanser floats in a sudsy water

    6. A blind spot mirror so switching lanes doesn't have to be a heart-stopping moment of terror.

    small round mirror stuck to side mirror

    7. A book of 642 tiny things to draw that's sure to inspire you to get out there and practice doodling.

    tiny book that's just larger than the reviewers forefinger and thumb

    8. A nice smelling wonder salve with papaya, watermelon, and cannabis that won't get you high — unless you count the sheer giddiness of having the softest lips in the land.

    9. A fermentation kit that turns mason jars into tiny vessels you can fill with all your hopes and dreams (pickles and kimchi).

    10. A drain cover so you can fill your tub all the way to the tippy top.

    plastic cover over drain

    11. A bottle of Glossier Solution that gets rid of dead skin and clears complexion, leaving you glowing.

    12. A Blueland cleaning kit with everything you need to tackle your less-than-sparkling-clean home.

    a box with four large glass spray bottles and one smaller spray bottle for hand soap

    13. A subscription service that sends you a monthly shipment of international coffee so you can feel well-traveled, even if you never leave the couch.

    14. A jalapeno corer so you can get rid of unwanted seeds in a flash and minimize the risk of you slicing your hand open.

    tool cores jalapeno

    15. A nourishing eye cream from Geologie with peptides, antioxidants, caffeine, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid to help perk up those tired eyes.

    the eye cream in a grey bottle with push top

    16. A bag of ground mushroom coffee — look, it's not that weird! It's brewed with chaga, lion’s mane, and cordycep mushrooms but doesn't have a mushroomy taste.

    the coffee bag next to some mushrooms and a cup of coffee

    17. A microfiber screen cleaner that's also a tiny work of art to use when your screen is so smudgy, it's beginning to look like a van Gogh.

    18. A subscription to Home Chef — a meal kit service that helps you create tasty meals at home that fit into your expected diet, whether that's vegetarian, adventurous, or quick and simple.

    19. A pair of Mickey Mouse gloves that double as oven mitts. They're so cute, you may just wear 'em all day.

    reviewer pulls meal out of oven wearing oversized mickey mouse gloves

    20. Silver cleaning wipes because the last thing you need is a set of dirty silverware ~tarnishing~ your reputation.

    right: reviewer's bracelet looking tarnished and dark grey left: reviewer's bracelet looking shiny and silver

    21. A subscription to Retro Game Treasure — a service that mails you three to five older video games so you can easily expand your collection of nostalgic titles.

    a box with tomb raider for playstation, sonic for genesis, and other retro games

    22. Liquid plant food that's pretty much a multi-vitamin for your houseplant. If your green little buddy isn't growing as much as you'd like, consider a couple drops of this elixir!

    23. Detangling brushes that'll make quick work out of even the knottiest hair. Brushing your or your kid's hair no longer has to end in tears.

    two brushes in soapy water

    24. A book about crafting with cat hair so you can finally have a purpose for all the fur floating around your home.

    25. A pair of fan light pull cords so you can finally know which turns on the fan and which turns on the light. What an ~illuminating~ product!

    two pull cords one with lightbulb and one with fan charm

    26. A rotating spice rack that not only provides you with all the spices you need to start your culinary journey, but also comes with FIVE YEARS of free spice refills; that means you can sprinkle your sea salt with reckless abandon.

    a tall spinning tower with four vertical lines of five spices

    27. A brightening face mask made with 100% pure, edible fruits like lucuma, papaya, and sea buckthorn perry. It smells tropical, is packed with vitamin C, and gently exfoliates your skin. Just add water to activate.

    28. An all-purpose car cleaner that works for leather, vinyl, carpet, upholstery, plastic, and rubber. Just marinate your whole sedan in this stuff.

    29. A pair of blue-light blocking glasses so you can have an excuse to try out a new pair of frames. These help prevent eye strain and headaches, so yeah, you need these things!

    30. A dandruff shampoo that can blast away every annoying flake and let your scalp breathe a sigh of relief. Expect a thank-you note from your noggin.

    left: scalp with lots of flakes right: scalp with only one super small flake

    31. A VERY cool microfiber laundry ball inspired by how coral filters the ocean. It collects microfibers shed by clothes so you can snag them all and dispose of them properly.

    laundry ball made of a hard material with loops all over it

    32. A zombie face mask that works magic to bring your face back to life — in a chill, Rick Grimes-approved way.

    before: reviewer with some fine lines and bags during: review wearing mask that makes skin look warped and zombie-like after: face looks noticeably bouncier with less fine lines

    33. A pack of mint kitchen gadgets for when you need to stock your kitchen with fresh items, but want to have a little fun doing it.

    the tools: pizza cutter, can opener, peeler, whisk, ice cream scoop, grater

    34. A stain remover that says, "hey it's OK, no need to cry over spilled wine."

    35. A subscription to NordVPN — a service that lets you surf the web with total security. It offers an encrypted tunnel of online traffic so you can do things like enter your credit card info while on public wifi or shop for a surprise gift for the FBI guy who monitors your internet use (JK).

    illustrated man sits in cloud

    36. A pen drawer you can stick on to any desk.

    mini plastic drawer that attaches to bottom of desk and can hold about four pens and an eraser

    37. Garbage disposal cleaner that's not only easy to use, but also very entertaining.

    38. A washable sponge for anyone who hates having to throw away so many mostly-fine sponges just because of a little mildew smell.

    A sponge with a floral design and mesh overlay sits in a wooden bowl

    39. A humidifier that looks like a little dog ready to blast off into space in their reindeer rocket ship. Why isn't this a movie yet?

    40. And a car window sticker so you can send out some good vibes while on the road.

    sticker says i hope something good happens to you today in capital letters

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