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    30 Pieces Of Loose Clothing For Anyone Whose Fave Aesthetic Is "Blob"

    My life has no structure, so why should my clothing?

    1. A dress that somehow, against all odds, combines both robe and Jessica Rabbit vibes.

    model in long sleeve sweater dress with side slit and tie waist

    2. A shift dress sure to make you look as cute as a button.

    sweater dress with buttons down the side

    3. A classic turtleneck because hey, every wardrobe needs one. Think of it has a sweater that gives your neck a gentle hug all day.

    model wears white sweater with wide sleeves

    4. A cotton candy knit sweater with sleeves long enough to cover your hands on days you forget to wear gloves.

    knit sweater with pink, purple, blue, and yellow stripes

    5. A hi-low number you'll be plaid to have.

    6. A batwing sweater almost guaranteed to make your heart soar when you see those jumbo sleeves.

    knit sweater with puffy sleeves with wavy pattern

    7. A velvety maxi you can belt or leave loose for that coveted shapeless silhouette.

    8. A big ol' striped sweater, because the best time to wear a striped sweater is all the time.

    oversized striped sweater with green and white stripes

    9. A pair of satin pants to give you that lovely "swish swish" while you walk. The luxury! The comfort! The style!!!

    silky pants with orange, grey, and purple paint swirl design

    10. A button-adorned midi dress with — *drumroll* — pockets!

    11. A loose-fitting shirt that's the next best thing to wearing a pajama shirt outside.

    12. A cute V-neck sweater for anyone looking for an oversized look to get lost in (aka everyone).

    model wear knit sweater with white stripes on the sleeves

    13. A big, flowy maxi dress that'll look just a good on the beach as it would lounging on the couch.

    14. An oversized open stitch cowl neck sweater with plenty of room for you when you decide to crawl in and hibernate for the rest of winter.

    model wears mockneck sweater with wide knit pattern

    15. A cutie pie T-shirt dress simple enough to wear with all your best accessories.

    16. A cute tie-dye sweatshirt dress with a floral graphic design that'll make you say "oops-a-daisy" as you add to cart.

    long sleeve tie dye sweatshirt dress

    17. A fun patterned poncho cape for when an oversized scarf simply isn't enough.

    18. A collared shift dress for people who want a look that's a little bit spooky and a little bit professional. Think: Going to a job interview at the morgue.

    19. A baggy knit sweater in a cozy hoodie shape, because the last thing we need right now is a leisure garment without a hood. I mean, c'mon.

    grey knit sweater with hood and ties

    20. A long-as-heck hoodie dress for looking good but staying casual. Remember people: Coziness is key.

    21. A faux collar shift dress that may very well be the perfect solution to the age old question: "what should I wear?"

    short sleeve shift dress

    22. A striped tee that's wonderfully looooooong, meaning it'll go great with leggings.

    model in white tee with black stripes

    23. A stylish poncho cape you'll love hiding in until spring.

    24. A V-neck tunic dress capable of turning heads wherever you go. We'd like to see a bodycon be even half as cute.

    midi dress with three quarter sleeves and flare sleeves

    25. A popular sleeveless option pretty much made for lounging in (and looking damn fine doing it).

    26. A pair of baggy overalls, because who doesn't want to dress like a little kid all the time? Kid fashion = the best fashion.

    model shows how loose the overalls with cuffed bottoms

    27. An easy-breezy swing dress with cut-out shoulders for people who are more than ready for spring.

    28. An off-the-shoulder caftan you can just throw on and go, making it a springtime staple.

    29. A gingham shirt dress that you could totally get lost in.

    model wears the long sleeve gingham dress

    30. An oversized sweater for getting snuggly in while March continues to punish us all with the bitter cold.

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