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    27 Ways To Make Your Sad Desk Lunch Happier

    Saving money doesn't have to be an excruciating nightmare filled with limp lettuce and soggy PB&Js.

    1. Bring a portable crock pot to work so you can enjoy a hot meal without waiting in line for the communal microwave.

    2. Spiralize up some zucchini noodles for a meal that's half way between a salad and a pasta dish.

    3. Take inspiration from picnic trips for easily portable meals that go beyond potato salad.

    4. Make your food cute so you'll be excited to break it out at lunch time.

    5. Add chips to your otherwise healthy sandwich so you can still feel an ounce of joy come 12 p.m.

    6. Keep a stash of sriracha packets handy for when your meal needs a little zip.

    7. Make extra colorful wraps so every afternoon can feel like the end of a rainbow.

    8. Feel like you're carrying important cargo — and keep lunch thieves away — with the right lunchbox.

    9. Try packing a bento box so making lunch for work feels more like a fun project instead of an obligation.

    10. And get a bento accessory kit so you can turn your lunches into works of art.

    11. Use a muffin pan to create tiny, handheld lunches, like mini quiches.

    12. Keep your dressing in a little squirt bottle so your salad won't get limp and soggy in the fridge.

    13. Feel healthy by throwing together a kale and quinoa bowl for lunch in like, two seconds.

    14. Jam a salad into a mason jar, because those things are cheap, easy to find, and straight-up beautiful.

    15. Put your lunch in fancy food bags because presentation is everything.

    16. Pour a little spicy honey on your food because everything tastes better with some hot sweet goodness on top.

    17. Deconstruct your tacos so you can eat your lunch with a fork instead of shoving tortillas in your mouth and getting cheese on your keyboard.

    18. Use utensils that double as pens so you can work and eat at the same time and get out of the office on time for once.

    19. Invest in a Guac-Lock so you can bring guacamole to work that's actually still green and appetizing.

    20. Fill a thermos with soup for a hot and ready-to-eat meal you can break out the second the hangry hits.

    21. Use egg molds to make your sad boiled eggs into happy little animals.

    22. Throw your dinner leftovers in dumplings for a meal that feels brand new.

    23. Keep an extra snack in this helpful carrot that holds veggies and a dipping sauce.

    24. Roll your own sushi and automatically become the envy of the whole office.

    25. Enjoy some cold brew in a little juice box so you won't feel tempted to go for a cup of iced coffee and inevitably pick up some replacement lunch while you're out.

    26. Finish off the meal with a small dessert, like some fancy, organic adult animal crackers.

    27. And then sport a clear lunchbox so everyone can see what you're having for lunch and get super jealous.

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