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    24 Of The Cosiest Things On The Planet

    Stay warm this winter.

    1. This pizza slice that you can sleep inside.

    2. These fluffy boots that you heat up in the microwave.

    3. This snuggly faux-fur blanket, perfect for cold winter nights.

    4. This super-cute hat with interchangeable pompoms.

    5. This ridiculously chunky scarf.

    6. This heated toast pillow.

    7. And this pillow for anyone who needs a bear hug.

    8. This Superman slanket.

    9. This soft and fluffy faux-fur hot water bottle cover.

    10. This fluffy onesie, perfect for hibernating.

    11. This heated unicorn to cuddle up with when the nights are dark and cold.

    12. This lil' jumper for your mug, which'll keep your tea warm.

    13. This huggable heated fox.

    14. These insanely cosy battery-operated heated yeti slippers.

    15. This wearable sleeping bag for tumbling through the snow.

    16. This beautiful fleecy scarf.

    17. These toasty felt slipper boots.

    18. A Snug Rug each for you and your friends.

    19. This mermaid-tail blanket.

    20. And this elegant herringbone blanket.

    21. This heated massage pad for your chair.

    22. This soft and velvety great white shark that you can sleep inside.

    23. This sloth sleeping mask.

    24. And this bear bag – why would you sleep in anything else ever again?