It's Four Years To The Day Since Lenny Kravitz Went Out In This Ridiculously Massive Scarf

    A scarf of such magnitude it's caused the internet to lose its mind.

    Let it be known that on 25 November 2012, it was a little chilly on the streets of New York, and Lenny Kravitz reached for a scarf...

    I need a new throw for my sofa, anyone know where Lenny Kravitz got his scarf ?

    Sadly, he didn't go out in this scarf, which has been photoshopped.

    If only Lenny Kravitz could find a bigger scarf..

    As has this one.

    And, sadly, this one.

    *Lenny Kravitz update* Lenny decides his old scarf was too small. (Sorry, I just had to do this):

    But still, the size of the scarf raises this concerning question.

    Guys, what if it's a normal-size scarf and something terrible has happened to Lenny Kravitz?

    It was an event of such magnitude that back then it got its own, not especially successful, Facebook account.

    Anyway important questions are being asked...

    can someone combine Lenny Kravitz's scarf and Pharrel's hat into one photo

    ...and answered.

    How to keep warm in winter: Step 1) Put on Lenny Kravitz's scarf. Step 2) Put on Pharrell's hat.

    People can see potential for this product.

    LENNY KRAVITZ TIP: Save £££s on pesky hotel bills by sleeping inside your own scarf while you're on your travels.

    Your move, Apple scarf guy.

    Lenny Kravitz to Scarf Guy: Oh, that's cute. I remember my first scarf. #scarfguy #AppleLive