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    31 Products Under $20 From Walmart That Mean Business

    From the smoothest pens even to fast-acting medicine for cramps, here you'll find dozens of buys that will work wonders in your life.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pack of Sharpie S-Gel gel pens that will make you want to toss all your other pens. These newbies have been praised as the be-all, end-all gel pen across TikTok and Twitter thanks to how smoothly they write. Given their stellar reviews, you'll be stoked this pack comes with four.


    Promising review: "I LOVE these pens! Being a left-handed person, I usually wear more ink on my hand than the paper, but these pens dry and don't smear like others. They flow nicely and are a great color; some pens are more grey and these are really black). Great job Sharpie!!! You have found a loyal customer!" –LovetoScout

    Price: $5.27

    2. A box of Midol Complete Menstrual Pain Relief Caplets w/ Acetaminophen to nix period cramps on the spot. These fast-acting pills have the same powerful punch as the old product, they just look a whole lot bolder now. After all, your time of the month (if you have one) is something to embrace, not hide away. Right? Right.

    The relief caplets

    Promising review: "I've been using this product for a while so it always works wonders for me. It's the best for cramping." –Nathalie

    Price: $6.67

    3. A 10-in-one cooking tool that will come in very hand for folks who like to go camping. The wood and stainless-steel tool packs a spoon, two knives, a fork, cheese grater, zester, garlic crusher, peeler, corkscrew, and bottle opener all in one pocket-friendly gadget. Pretty cool, right?


    Promising review: "So darn cute! I bought this as a gift for an experimental cook and camper. It's heavy for its size. Appears to be quality metal, but don't ask me what metal it is, with a wood casing. Each of the tools is small, as expected. Happy with my purchase." –Jake

    Price: $12.95

    4. A set of rainbow teal knives so you can food prep to your heart's delight. The colorful set includes five knives (all of which have covers) and a pair of shears. And rest assured, they're super sharp so you'll be able to chop any fruit, veggie, or meat that comes your way.

    The teal and rainbow knives

    Promising review: "This set is so gorgeous I could just die! I just wish it came with a knife block because its really hard to match any knife set with a knife block that has slots of matching widths. They are SUPER sharp so handle with care!" –Ronnie

    Price: $19.83 (originally $34.99; available in two colors)

    5. A pump bottle of Lifebuoy Total 10 Handwash that will keep your hands squeaky clean. In addition to washing away dirt and germs, this hand wash nourishes hands to keep them soft and moisturized β€” something we could all use in 2020 given our necessary obsession with hand sanitizer and incessant washing.

    The bottle of handsoap

    Promising review: "The hand soap does what it is designed to do. It makes your hands feel clean and doesn't leave a weird residue." –Caitlin

    Price: $1.97 (originally $2.97)

    6. A floral-printed kitchen tool set by The Pioneer Woman to give your cooking and serving experience a visual upgrade. The silver spoon, slotted spatula, and turner all have handles covered in flowers.

    The floral-printed kitchen tools.

    Promising review: "These utensils are great! The floral handle is pretty and also very sturdy. They are heavy and durable. The short spatula is great for picking up small food off a pan like, potatoes or fries. The long spatula is great for flipping food like eggs or pancakes! The spoon has a nice long handle so you can easily stir without getting to close to the heat! All of these are easy to clean! Great set!" –Erk22

    Price: $17.14 (available in three colors)

    7. A dropper bottle of Bliss Clear Genius Clarifying Liquid Peel that will help transform the texture and tone of your skin. Made with a triad of exfoliators β€” AHAs, BHAs, and PHAs included β€” you can expect smooth, radiant skin after each use. Just be sure to slowly work it into your routine every other day so as to not overwhelm your complexion with a new product.

    the dropper bottle

    This spa-quality product works so well you'll be shocked you can snag it for under $20 β€” trust me.

    Price: $19.96

    8. A two-piece Calphalon cookie sheet set to embrace your baking dreams. These nonstick, toffee-colored pans will make scooping cookies easier than ever.

    The tan cookie sheets

    Promising review: "These cookie sheets are a perfect size. One small and one very oversized. They are very thin and lightweight but sturdy. I also like that they have a lip that makes taking them out of a hot oven much easier than a regular cookie sheet." –KACCP

    Price: $19.49

    9. A Goody Heat 101 Round Brush for folks who love to perform at-home blowouts on their hair. This ceramic barrel brush is specifically designed to impart major body and volume while speeding up styling time so that heat damage is less of a concern. In other words, it's pretty fricken genius.

    The gray and rose gold brush

    Promising review: "This brush works great and does not pull hair." –Georgene

    Price: $9.44 (available in two sizes)

    10. A Farberware spatula set that will help you get every last drop of batter out of the bowl. The set includes four neon spatulas, all of which work well for frosting cakes, cooking eggs, and more.

    The colorful spatula set

    Price: $11.80

    11. An adult-version Mash game for folks who loved the nostalgic '90s game. This mature version is made for folks 17 and up and comes with 300 Fate Cards in six unique categories, as well as 40 Scenario Cards, making it more fun than ever.


    Promising review: "Growing up in the 90s, this game as super fun to play! We laughed so much playing alongside drinks. So much fun for those who used to play in the 90s as well as introducing it to new family and friends who had never heard of it. Great family bonding experience!" –penguingrl4

    Price: $19.82

    12. A Cuisinart cast-iron grill press to make your favorite grilled foods a touch healthier. The nearly 3-pound gadget lets you press out any extra grease which not only makes the food your preparing more nutritious but it can speed up cooking time, too.

    The cast iron grill press

    Promising review: "This is heavy-duty and large. It's a great size. It's perfect for bacon and burgers to smash down." –rachele412

    Price: $9.97

    13. A giant jar of Milk-Bone dog treats for pet parents looking to train (or spoil) their fur babies. The tasty dog biscuits are a pup fave, and thanks to their small size, they're great to bring along on walks to inspire your furry friend to act on their best behavior.

    The jar of mini dog treats

    Promising review: "I need a very small, nonsticky/messy treat for my pups at bedtime. I like to make bedtime fun for them, so every night they get this cute, tiny doggie bone. These little minis are just right, and my dogs love them." –ChihuahuaGirl

    Price: $8.89 (available in two sizes)

    14. A throwback MTV game that will be nostalgic and fun to play with friends and family. It will quiz you on famous music from the '80s and '90s, putting your entertainment knowledge to the ultimate test.

    The MTV games

    Price: $19.82

    15. A KitchenAid meat tenderizer so you can whip up some seriously tasty tenderloin (or, you know, whatever you fancy). The spiked mallet is fab for flattening chicken breasts for chicken parm, making steak more tender, and so much more.

    The black and silver meat tenderizer

    Promising review: "This has a very nice handle balance for tenderizing and clean material finish. I would prefer that it was dishwasher-safe but hand-wash is okay. I think it's a good value." –Burnt Bush

    Price: $14.97

    16. A can of Pantene's new Cheat Day Dry Shampoo foam to instantly refresh oily roots. The deliciously-scented foam lets you totally transform the look of your hair without adding a touch of water. Yup, it's a must β€” especially for folks who work out a lot but don't have the time to shower (or are trying to train their hair to be traditionally washed less).

    The white and gold bottle of dry shampoo foam

    Promising review: "This is great if you can't wash your hair for whatever reason and need to freshen it up. It doesn't leave your hair feeling dried out like some dry shampoos or too greasy like others. It has a pleasant scent and is easy to use." –TheMommaBlogger

    Price: $6.97

    17. A three-piece Rachael Ray utensil set that will change the way you prepare food. Each silicone spoon and spatula features a super-convenient little slot to prop it on the side of the pot so it won't fall into whatever you're cooking.

    The red utensil set

    Promising review: "These are awesome. I enjoy using them and will buy more." –3momma59

    Price: $17.94 (originally $24.99; available in two colors)

    18. A jar of Olly sleep gummies for folks who have trouble falling asleep. I can say from personal experience that these gummies are like magic. Plus, they taste delicious, too.

    the Olly sleep gummies

    Promising review: "I love these gummies! I suffer from insomnia and it's super hard for me to just lay down and go to sleep. These gummies work in 30 minutes and I get sleepy enough to just lay down close my eyes and fall asleep! Plus they don't taste bad at all!!!" –Katy

    Price: $12.42

    19. A Cuisinart griddle cleaning kit that may not be the most exciting purchase but it will undoubtedly come in handy. The set includes three cleaning pads, two cleaning screens, a squirt bottle, scraper, and a cleaning handle, so your griddle will be spick and span by the time you're done with it.

    The griddle-cleaning kit

    Promising review: "This kit has everything you need for a fast and easy cleanup." –Kitchen Queen

    Price: $14.97 (originally $19.99)

    20. A two-pack of Arm & Hammer Advanced White Toothpaste to give your teeth the TLC they deserve. This is one of my personal favorite toothpastes thanks to how well it removes plaque and leaves teeth feeling fresh and sparkling. You simply can't go wrong β€” especially since it actually keeps your breath smelling fresh for hours on end.

    The toothpaste

    Promising review: "My favorite toothpaste of all time. This toothpaste is the best for sensitive gums. Ever since I started using this toothpaste, brushing my teeth has turned into a pleasure. I literally brush my teeth after every meal β€” no more inflamed or bleeding gums. It keeps my mouth feeling clean and refreshed without any extra menthol feeling." –Diana

    Price: $5.44

    21. A pre-seasoned Lodge cast-iron grill pan so you can achieve crispy, lined meats and veggies even if it's too cold outside to actually barbecue. Just remember not to wash it with soap, as that can ruin cast-iron pans.

    The black cast iron pan with asparagus cooking inside

    Promising review: "This is truly an exceptional product. Well beyond my greatest expectations. It's the best thing I've ever bought from Walmart. It heavier than any other piece I own and it performs magnificently. Lodge Mfg. is truly the best, and only, source for American Cast Iron." –BestCastIron

    Price: $19.92 (originally $36)

    22. A box of CLIF Nut Butter Bars to curb hunger cravings and keep you full for hours on end. The nutritious bars are the latest release from the fan-favorite snack-bar company, and feature 7 grams of protein per bar.

    The CLIF Bars

    Promising review: "I love this product. It is my go-to breakfast on the go. I also eat it when I need a lift mid-afternoon. I wish it also came in a mini by itself. It is absolutely delicious." –Button

    Price: $16.35

    23. A Veggetti spiralizer that will help you embrace the trendy veggie noodle trend in your own home. The As-Seen-On-TV cutter is quick and easy to use and lets you spiralize cucumbers, squash, and zucchini into nutritious noodles.

    model using the veggie spiralizer

    Promising review: "This clever kitchen tool turned zucchini into spaghetti-like strings in a couple of minutes. It was fun! I boiled the zucchini strings and ate them topped with homemade spaghetti sauce." –1SimpleCook

    Price: $9.97 (originally $23.67)

    24. A Differin Detox + Soothe 2-Step Treatment Clay Face Mask to put worries of maskne to rest. The nourishing, fast-acting face mask zaps zits on the spot to reveal smoother, brighter skin when it's rinsed off.

    The 2-step face mask

    Price: $17.97

    25. A set of two mini Pioneer Woman Dutch ovens that you'll honestly be shocked are so affordable. The dainty ovens will add a colorful element to your tablescape while helping to perfect your cooking skills at the same time. Plus, they can be used up to 500 degrees, so the possibilities are pretty endless.

    The floral-printed colorful Dutch ovens

    Promising review: "These pots are so cute and beautiful, rich in color and the floral design is so cheerful in the kitchen. The size is perfect for a single person with a small amount of food. They look like a clay pot. The pot is enamel-coated steel and very colorful and fancy floral art. I think this is a good quality and would recommend this to a friend." –ykClara

    Price: $19.72 (available in two colors)

    26. A pack of Dashing Diva nail stickers to transform your nails all by yourself, all without having to worry about whether or not they're dry. Simply apply the stickers, file the edges, and you're good to go.

    The nail strips

    Promising review: "This picture shows my nail strips after three weeks! These are awesome! I have planted flowers, washed dishes and all the other normal mom-of-three chores! I will be buying this brand again!" –Ashlei

    Price: $6.97

    27. A waterproof iPhone case so your phone is fully protected at all costs. The chunky phone case also has bumpers to keep it safe should you drop it.

    The black waterproof phone case

    Promising review: "While I had this case on my phone I accidentally closed the back hatch of my vehicle on my phone. The case is the only thing that saved my phone. My phone has no scratches, dents, or bends but the hatch was completely locked, closed with my phone wedged between. The case itself had dents but it saved my phone 10/10 recommend. This is the only phone case I'll ever buy." –Clumsy

    Price: $19.88 (available for nine different phone models)

    28. A Black & Decker laser level to ensure you hang things in your home at the perfect height. The easy to use level shoots out a powerful laser as a guide, just be sure not to look directly into where it comes from, as it could harm your eyes.

    The Black & Decker Laser Level

    Promising review: "This was a lifesaver. I'm doing small DIY projects, trying to update my home and this came in handy with guidance on cutting and hanging shelves and pictures." –CortCourt

    Price: $14.52

    29. A pack of Sharpie accent highlighters so you can color-coat all of your most pressing notes. With 10 colors to choose from, you'll be able to create the rainbow and then some in your notebook.

    The sharpies

    Promising review: "We absolutely LOVE these markers! We will be purchasing more :) The 'window' is a GREAT feature to see how much ink you have. Thanks, Sharpie!" –charncaliscloset

    Price: $9.97

    30. An Oral-B Pulsar Expert Clean battery-operated toothbrush to take your oral care routine to a whole new level. The vibrating bristles mold to the shape of your teeth to ensure that no plaque is left behind.


    Promising review: "This is the best toothbrush. I have been using it for a few years. It has been the only kind that I have used. I recently bought one for my teenage son and he has already told me how much he likes this and only wants to use this kind. My daughter is jealous and is begging for me to get her one also." –Hannah

    Price: $4.97

    31. A two-pack of 32-ounce Takeya water bottles for you and your bestie to stay hydrated at all costs. If your goal is the typical eight glasses of agua a day, simply fill this baby up twice; if you want to consume more, keep going! Whatever you choose, one thing's for sure: These are the best water bottles on the market β€” take it from someone who has half a dozen in different sizes.

    The black and pink water bottles

    Price: $17.48 (originally $23.98)

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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