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    31 Practical Products From Target That Could Make A Difference In Every Home

    From an easy-to-use label maker to fan-favorite toilet spray, here you'll find a bunch of practical products that will pretty much change your life.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A DYMO handheld label maker that will totally transform how you organize your home. I know, I know — not the most exciting thing in the world, but I promise you that after you start using it you'll change your mind. Seriously, I now label everything in my home and it makes finding things in my bathroom and pantry so much easier — especially since you can change the size and look of the fonts.

    2. An easy-grab Pyrex baking pan to whip up delicious meals with little hassle. The heavy-duty pan is dishwasher, microwave, and pre-heated oven-safe, and the brand itself is known to being relatively wear-resistant. Plus, since it comes with a lid, it's great for potlucks and easy meal-prep storage in the fridge.

    The easy-grab baking pan

    3. A pack of Eveready LED flashlights so you're always prepared for a power outage. With two large and two small flashlights, you'll have plenty of light when things go dark. Just be sure to have enough D and AA batteries on hand to power them.

    The red and blue flashlights

    4. A Jonathan Adler Keurig because who doesn't love coffee and style? This limited-edition Keurig measures just 5 inches wide and is covered in the designer's iconic blue print. Best of all, you can even buy a matching coffee cup to take your java experience to the next level.

    The blue and white Keurig

    5. A two-pack of fine-tip Sharpie permanent markers so you're always prepared to write on Zip-Loc baggies, clothing tags, and other items that require long-lasting ink. These classic markers deserve a spot in every junk drawer across America. Though, let's be clear, they're far from junk!

    The black marker

    6. An OXO soap-dispensing dish brush that's great for folks who don't like getting hands-on with the rinsing process. The easy-to-grip brush makes it so you don't have to touch any food particles. Simply brush them away with the fan-favorite bristles and call it a day.

    7. A Lodge cast-iron wedge pan to whip up the tastiest brownies, cornbread, individually-sliced quiches, and more. The pre-seasoned cookware comes with silicone grips to make for easy handling when eagerly grabbing your tasty treats out of the oven.

    The black cast-iron wedge pan

    8. A stainless-steel sink caddy that will make your kitchen look a lot tidier. The caddy easily fits a couple of sponges, straw-cleaning pipes, dish brushes, and more. Best of all, it has a cut-out bottom so that the items won't sit in a soapy pool. Instead, any runoff will catch in the bottom pan and you can easily dump it.

    The sink caddy

    9. A pretty welcome mat so you and your guests have somewhere that's as much a warm welcome as it is a place to conveniently wipe your feet. With skid-resistant backing, you don't have to worry about it slipping on your porch or front foyer. That said, you don't want it to get totally soaked, so make sure you place it somewhere where there's a covering.

    The welcome mat

    10. A gratitude and goal-keeping journal by Rachel Hollis that will motivate you (and those in your home) to live your best, most positive life. The prompted journal features first-hand advice from the best-selling author so users can get the most out of their journaling practice.

    11. A space-saving Calphalon cookware set — which includes five pans and two lids — so you don't have to dedicate all of your cabinet space to a handful of pans. These nonstick pans conveniently stack on top of each other, so you no longer have to worry about opening cabinets to a jumbled mess of pots and lids.

    The stackable pans

    12. A Novogratz plant stand to put your favorite green babies on full display. The walnut and white rack weights just over five pounds but can support up to 12 pounds total (4 pounds per shelf).

    The plant stand

    13. A set of four Corelle bowls for folks who love cereal. The deep, virtually shatter-proof bowls are fantastic for oatmeal, pasta, ice cream, and more. And, since they're chip-resistant, even little ones can enjoy their depth.

    The white Corelle bowls

    14. A Dyson V8 Motorhead Origin Cordfree Vacuum so you can always keep every inch of your home as tidy as can be. Since the powerful vacuum doesn't require being tethered to an outlet, you can easily maneuver into tight corners, up or down stairs, and even outside.

    15. A set of OXO storage containers to keep food fresh in the pantry. Plus, the various sizes of the clear plastic bins will give your kitchen a modern upgrade worthy of The Home Edit's approval. A win-win, really.

    The clear food storage containers

    16. A 12-pack of Sharpie brush pens for households who love to doodle without having to worry about bleeding through to the next page. These supremely-smoothing writing pens will change the way you take notes, color, and draw. Prepare to fall in L-O-V-E.

    The colorful brush pens

    17. A Novogratz vinyl record storage shelf so you can treat your records with respect while adding a stylish design element to your home. The two-tier shelf can hold approximately 50 records (25 per shelf).

    The gold vinyl record shelf

    18. A velvet-tufted quilt for extra cozy movie nights and evenings reading in bed. One side of the quilt is satin while the other is velvet, so you can even switch it up if you get tired of the texture.

    The chartreuse-colored quilt

    19. A color-changing LED night light that ensures you won't trip on your midnight scurry to the bathroom. The automated light turns on once a room goes dark and shuts off once light streams in. You can pick the color you'd like it to be permanently or allow it to cycle through a rainbow of shades. Fun fact: If your goal is to achieve stellar sleep, a red night light can help!

    The color-changing night light

    20. An accordion hook rack for folks who always have keys, hats, coats, and totes hanging around. This brass rack won't only add a shiny fixture to your walls, it will help sort out some of the clutter around your home, as well. Just keep in mind that it can only hold up to 35 pounds.

    The brass hook rack

    21. A Simplehuman trashcan to keep your home from smelling like garbage. The step-open can has a fingerprint-proof stainless-steel exterior and is designed to keep odors contained. Thank goodness.

    The stainless steel half-moon trashcan

    22. An Echo Show 8 so you can keep your home filled with music, video calls with family and friends, friendly reminders, the latest news, and more. The Alexa-enabled device is super easy to use and even lets you make announcements throughout your home, so you can let your roommates, partner, kids (or whoever else is in your home) know when meals are ready, mail has arrived, and more.

    The white Echo Show 8

    23. A Rachel Hollis Priority Planner to keep track of your day-to-day to-dos and long-term goals. The prompted planner is undated, which makes it especially great for folks who have trouble sticking to pre-dated calendars. What's more, the daily agenda is from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m., something super different from most planners. Of course, that's not to say you need to work all those hours, but it gives you the space to schedule out your workouts, self-care, home projects, kids' schedules, and personal activities so you make sure to prioritize both work and life.

    The peach-colored priority planner

    24. A seven-piece set of OXO chip clips so that your favorite snacks and foods don't get stale. In addition to six firm-grip classic clips in two sizes, the set includes a super nifty bread clip so you can stop fussing with the weird little square security tab that comes with most loaves.

    Some of the colorful clips in action

    25. A container of Welly Handy Bandies Finger & Toe Flex Fabric Assorted Bandages to stay prepared for all of life's scrapes and cuts. The metal tin is filled with four specifically-designed bandage shapes to cater to fingers and toes. There are 24 in total, all of which are flexible and stylish.

    26. A metal mail holder that's fab for folks who continuously put letters all over their countertops (hello, it me). This sturdy catch-all will house all your magazines, letters, and coupons so that they don't take over all of your free space.

    The black mail holder

    27. A Dyson Pure Cool Link Air Purifier and Fan so the air in your home is always clean and crisp. The best-selling gadget connects to your phone so you can turn it up or down, put it on a schedule, or trigger it to oscillate. Can you say game-changer?

    The circular air purifier

    28. An OXO deep clean brush set that's super convenient when trying to clean out showers, bathtubs, sinks, and any tight nooks and crannies. The set comes with two brushes, one of which features a sturdy silicone pick to get deep into grout lines. Real talk: These brushes will leave your bathroom looking cleaner than ever.

    29. A first-aid kit so you're always prepared for any headaches, injuries, or allergic reactions. The Johnson & Johnson kit is stocked with 140 pieces, including Tylenol, Benadryl, Neosporin, Band-Aids, Bengay, and more.

    The red all-purpose first aid kit with a handle

    30. A two-pack of Arm & Hammer Toothpaste because everyone in your home will fall in love with the product's flavor and texture. Truly, it's one of my all-time faves and something I perpetually keep stocked in my home. Plus, a whitening boost? Yes, please!

    A twin pack of toothpastes

    31. A bottle of best-selling lavender vanilla Poo~Pourri toilet spray to keep in your bathroom at all times. After all, 2020 has been enough of a crap storm, no need to make your home actually smell like one.

    The purple and white toilet spray

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