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    Just 29 Problem-Solving Things From Amazon You’ll Probably Want If You’re A Cat Owner

    From an adorable water fountain to hairball-relief gel, you'll find loads of goodies that will make your and your cat's life better.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A flower-shaped water fountain so your fur baby can get hydrated whenever they very well please. The fountain features a pump that disperses three liters of water with three different speed settings to choose from — and since it comes with a triple-action filter, you don't have to worry about your kitty sipping any impurities in the process.

    The cat water fountain

    2. A pet hair broom to keep your floors as tidy as possible while living with kitties. After all, let's be real, cats shed — A LOT. Thankfully, this rubber-bristled broom works on all surfaces to attract loose pet hair, ultimately leaving floors tidier than you probably thought possible as a cat owner.

    The pet-fur broom

    3. A handheld pet hair remover so you don't have to be perpetually covered in hair just because you love snuggling up on your kitties. The eco-friendly design doesn't use sticky papers — just swipe it over and over again and be mesmerized by just how well it lifts pet hair from fabric.

    4. A self-groomer cat toy that makes keeping your kitty's fur soft and smooth easier than ever. The best-selling brush clips onto the wall so that your fur baby can brush up against it. Little do they know, that inkling to nuzzle up will actually save you from having to brush them as much. Win-win.

    reviewer photo of the self-grooming cat toy

    5. A bottle of Burt's Bees pet dander spray so your kitty can have a beauty routine, too! The spray is designed to leave cats' coats smooth, shiny, and hydrated with little to no pet dander in site.

    6. Temptations hairball-control cat treats to entice your fur baby with a snack that does far more than feed their hunger cravings. The tasty little chicken-flavored treats are designed to prevent furballs, so your cat might just finally stop yakking after every meal.

    The fan-favorite cat treats

    7. Stackable pet food containers that will make storing your cat's food, treats, and small toys more organized than ever. And, since the larger container has wheels, you'll be able to shimmy the stack throughout the house instead of trying to lug it around.

    The stackable pet food containers

    8. A pre-portioned cat food dispenser so your kitty doesn't overeat in one setting. This will prevent them from eating way too fast!

    The pet feeder

    9. A Bissell SpotBot to save you from having to crouch down on your hands and knees to clean up your cat's accidents. Hey, you might love them, but that doesn't mean you have to get that hands-on with their potty spots and coughed up hairballs. Simply use this best-selling pet stain remover and your floors and upholstery will look good as new.

    The Bissell Spot Bot Pet Cleaner

    10. A bag of Feline Greenies Pill Pockets so your cat won't catch on every time you're trying to feed them their medication. If you have a finicky cat, let it be known that these tasty indented treats will make taking care of them easier (and yummier!) than ever.

    The pill pocket feline Greenies treats

    11. A box of scented litter to keep your home smelling fresh. The clumping litter works not only to make the room smell downright delicious (you have Febreze to thank for that), it also makes for less waste, as the litter clumps around bathroom matter so that you only have to sift out what's been soiled as opposed to the whole tray.

    The Hawaiian-scented Cat Litter

    12. An interactive feather wand for kitties who could use a little more movement in their lives. These fun feathers are sure to get your fur baby up and bouncing around, pawing with delight every time the toy is brought out.

    13. A fun three-level cat toy to keep your fur baby endlessly occupied — aka focused in one place as opposed to running all over the house. The interactive game features balls on tracks that cats just love to bat around. Take it out of the packaging and just watch how they react. They'll be thrilled!

    The interactive cat toy

    14. A purring cat toy that will make your kitty feel like they're never alone. The touch-activated toy purrs for two minutes after every touch and has been applauded for how calm and comforted it makes cats feel.

    15. A waterless cat bath so you don't have to drench your fur baby much to their displeasure. The top-rated foam cleanses and conditions fur so your cat will look and smell fresh as can be, all without getting uncomfortable in the process.

    16. A roomy pet carrier because your kitty deserves to travel in comfort, obviously. The top-rated carrier features a zip-front closure as well as a top opening for your kitty to peek their head out of — you know, so long as they're not one to jump out if left open.

    The pet carrier

    17. A self-warming pet bed so your kitty can feel cozy and snuggled up even if you're not home. The plush, sherpa-lined bed has a Mylar interior layer that reverberates your pet's heat so that they stay warm and comfy as can be.

    The self-warming cat bed

    18. A catnip-filled chew toy to teach your kitty to stop chomping on furniture or other items around the house. After all, cats teeth too!

    The chew toys

    19. An interactive cat laser so you can keep your hyperactive cat entertained even when you're busy. The automated laser toy shoots a laser every which way to keep your cat focused on one general vicinity of your home. The result? Less kitty-related chaos throughout the rest of your house.

    20. A bin of oven-roasted chicken flavored treats for finicky cats who need a little extra inspiration to run to their bowls at mealtime. These tasty treats won't only entice your cat to eat, they will clean their teeth while doing so, too. Double-whammy!

    The dental treats

    21. A stain and odor eliminator spray that will make cleaning up after your cat less stressful. Not only will the fast-acting spray nix the scent on the spot, it will fully lift the actual spot, too.

    The odor-eliminating spray

    22. Bissell Stomp 'N Go Pet Lifting Pads for folks who prefer to remove pet stains and odor with as little effort as possible. Simply unpeel one of these pads, lay it on the spot, stomp it in place, and let it work its magic for the next 24 hours. If reviewers' experiences are worth any consolation, you're sure to be wowed.

    23. Lickable wet cat treats so older fur babies can still enjoy a tasty snack. The little packets are filled with tuna and chicken flakes in a creamy sauce, so you will have to put it in their bowl as opposed to feeding them their treat right out of your hand.

    The Bisque Wet Cat Treats

    24. An assortment of interactive cat toys to keep hyperactive kitties entertained for hours (okay...more likely minutes) on end. The set comes with a fun tunnel and 20 other fun toys, including feather toys, a teaser wand, crinkle balls, bells, and more.

    The interactive cat toys

    25. A multi-level cat condo that will make your cat feel like the ruler of the roost. The treehouse features a number of different perches, scratching posts, and hideaway cubbies for your cat to entertain themself all day long. Worth it? We think so!

    26. A bag of RawBoost cat food toppers to entice your kitties to actually want to eat. If your fur baby regularly gets tired of their kibble, these meaty boosters will bring back their interest.

    The freeze-dried treats

    27. A cute little recovery suit for kitties who need to heal from surgery or skin issues. Instead of making them wear a dreadful e-collar, put one of these cozy suits on them so that they can heal in comfort.

    The cat pre-suit

    28. A bottle of Omega 3 drops to help support your aging cat's coat and joints. Simply squeeze a few droplets of the oil into their food and let the vitamin-rich support get to work.

    Omega 3 Pet Oil

    29. A tube of hairball-relief gel that will make your kitties feel so, so much better. The gel can be applied to their paws or added to their food and is designed to eliminate and prevent hairballs. Just remember that it's made for cats more than 4 weeks old.

    The reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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