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    If Your Dorm Room Could Make A Wish List, These 25 Things From Amazon Would Be On It

    This is what your dorm's dreams are made of.

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    1. A water bottle organizer so maybe you'll actually remember to drink your water. This organizer has an adjustable height to make sure that every bottle can fit.

    A water bottle organizer full of colorful bottles

    2. A set of strip lights that'll give your room a cool vibe. You can change the colors of these lights to suit your room's aesthetic. Since there is 16 color options, you're sure to find the right one.

    A reviewer's room with purple lights on

    3. A shower caddy so that you can keep all your shower essentials in one spot. Big enough to store your entire skincare cabinet, this item is practically a must-have for your dorm.

    4. A set of plastic food storage bins with an open front, so you can grab and go with whatever you're storing. There's nothing like stackable bins to keep your small space super tidy.

    5. Or a small two-tier sliding-drawer storage unit to hold your favorite goodies. This unit is made from heavy-duty stainless steel that promises to last, no matter what you store in it.

    A silver storage unit with two sliding baskets

    6. A power strip surge protector that'll give you the ability to work on about 500 different assignments at the same time. Heavy-duty, space-saving, and compact, this will quickly become your new best friend when it comes to any project that requires electricity.

    7. A pair of shoe deodorizers, which'll work for your favorite pair of shoes, gym bag, and more. Fragrance free, nontoxic, and long-lasting are a few words used to describe this wonderful invention. Plus no one wants their room to smell like feet.

    A set of a grey shoe deodorizers in a pair of brown work boots.

    8. A lightweight vacuum that doesn't take up much space, because you probably should get one of these. With over 47,000 5-star reviews, it is safe to say reviewers are loving this vacuum and you probably will too.

    9. A desk lamp that'll also work as a USB charging port, calendar, pencil holder, clock, and LCD screen. What's stopping you from fulfilling your dorm's wildest dreams? Bonus: It also has a color-changing base, with 256 color options (yes you read that right 256 colors!).

    reviewer using a white desk lamp/pencil holder with a clock and color changing base

    10. A trifold foam sofa bed to take out when you have extra guests over. This multipurpose folding mattress can work as a cozy seat for movie nights or lay flat as a mattress. We stan a double-duty item.

    A navy blue futon in a reviewer's home

    11. A clip-on light, so you can read your textbooks in bed. If reading in your bed isn't your vibe, you can also use this light to clip onto your desk for some extra brightness. It's a flexible light, so you can move it to an angle that best works for you.

    A silver light on a reviewers pink bed

    12. A sleeper chair because it's great for small spaces. This sleeper chair is made of foam and promises to be incredibly comfortable, no matter where you keep it.

    13. A faux-fur duvet cover, because nothing says glamor more than this. Plus, it's resistant to wrinkles, pilling, and fading.

    14. A small and colorful microfiber futon to brighten up any room. This low-seat futon is easy to set up and can seat up to three people.

    a red futon

    15. A set of fairy lights with clothespins so you can hang up all the photos your heart desires. In addition to being super cute, this is also powered by a UBS, so it's actually portable; so you can rearrange however much you like.

    The fairy lights being hung by clothespins

    16. A freestanding and collapsible laundry hamper because it's time to upgrade yours. Lightweight and durable, this hamper is a win-win. The interior of this hamper features a waterproof coating to keep your clothes dry, no matter what.

    A grey and white striped hamper in a reviewer's bedroom

    17. A beanbag chair because you need somewhere for your friends to sit while they're visiting. Nap friendly and created with memory foam, you might just fall in love with these chairs.

    a dog hanging out on brown beanbag in reviewer's home

    18. A microfiber duvet cover that'll be softer than your average duvet. It's a bit wrinkled, which helps give it a ~vintage~ look. It also comes with two pillow shams.

    19. An over-the-closet hanging storage unit because space is hard to come by in your dorm. Not only is this a great way to maximize your closet space, but it is also a great way to keep things organized.

    20. A package of compostable Clorox wipes to help you clean every single thing in your dorm. In addition to being compostable, these will also make your room smell like fresh lemon. *adds to cart*

    A set of three compostable cleaning wipes from Clorox

    21. An over-the-door mirror to make sure you look your best before heading off to class. American-made and made with shatterproof mirror materials, it's safe to say this will survive even the wildest of nights.

    The mirror

    22. A first aid kit because it's important to have at least one of these instead of begging everyone in your dorm for a Band-Aid. Complete with 100 pieces, this is sure to save the day.

    23. A "dorm sweet dorm" pillowcase because this would 100% be at the top of your dorm room's wishlist. Besides being super cute, it has a hidden side zip, so the zipper won't be super obvious when people come to visit your room.

    A white dorm sweet dorm pillow on a  reviewer's pink and grey bed

    24. Or a fuzzy pillowcase that'll make you miss your furry bestie a little less. Cozy and comfortable, these pillows are perfect to use when you or your friends are napping between classes or exams.

    reviewer's cat snuggled on two fuzzy gray pillows

    25. A patterned hypoallergenic duvet cover and matching pillow shams that are perfect for your dorm. This duvet features beautiful tree branches with plum blossoms sure to leave any room looking vibrant.

    A blue branch duvet cover in a reviewer's home

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